Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Nerds of a Feather 2022 Awards Eligibility

It feels weird to call 2021 a "successful" year by any metric, but through all the ups and downs of pandemic year two, we're really proud of the work that Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together has put out in the world, from a team of dedicated, thoughtful contributors.

While we're recusing from the Hugo Award's Best Fanzine category this year, all of our flock are individually eligible for Best Fan Writer for their work here, and some of us also write elsewhere. If you're filling out your ballot, we hope you'll take some time to check out what our writers have done, and we particularly want to highlight 2021 output from Arturo Serrano and Sean Dowie as worthy of your consideration. Our two time Best Fan Writer nominee Paul Weimer has also had another excellent year, and we wish him the best of luck for a nomination hat trick!
- Adri, Joe, The G and Vance

Best Related Work
As always, all of our columns and features are eligible for Best Related Work around their 2021 output. We don't normally highlight individual posts beyond our annual projects, but this year there's one piece that we think deserves particular attention:

I'm Colombian. Here's what Encanto Means to Me, by Arturo Serrano

Arturo  review of Disney's Encanto provides a detailed, thorough and nuanced take, from the perspective of a Colombian viewer. We love that Best Related Work is a category that can celebrate genre critique and fan engagement at all lengths and mediums, and this review is one of the best things we've had the honour to publish.

(We also want to shout out Arturo's in-depth deconstruction of WandaVision, which is also an outstanding individual piece of fan writing.)

Best Fan Writer: Here are some of the highlights from our active authors in 2021

Adri Joy (editor)
Note: Adri is pre-emptively recusing from Best Fan Writer, and asks that you consider the work of marginalised creators, especially writers of colour, for your ballot instead. But you can still check out her favourite stuff of 2021:

(Adri also published two reviews at Strange Horizons in 2021: Jade War and The Unbroken)

Andrea Johnson

Dean E.S. Richard
The Godzilla vs Kong Roundtable: A Monsterously Good Time (With G, Joe, Vance)
Two Ships in the Night

Elisabeth Moore
Short Fiction Round Up: June 2021
Summer Reading List

Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Full eligibility post here

Joe DelFranco

Michael Newhouse-Bailey
Check out all of the Thursday Morning Superhero column, especially:

The G (editor)