Cult/Sci-Fi Film Reviews

Angry Red Planet [1959]
The Atomic Submarine [1959]
Attack the Block [2011]
Attack the Block (Second Opinion) [2011]
The Baby [1973]
Black Water [2007]
Bubba Ho-Tep [2002]
Cat People [1942]
Cinema Six [2012]
Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame [2011]
Earth vs. The Flying Saucers [1957]
Fire and Ice [1983]
The Fly [1958]
The Fly [1986]
The Foreigner [1978]
Freaked [1993]
Gog [1954]
Hausu [1977]
The Invisible Boy [1957]
La Jetee [1962]
Paul [2011]
Porco Rosso [Kurenai no Buta] [1992]
Princess Mononoke [Mononoke Hime] [1997]
Princess Mononoke (Second Take) [1997]
The Reef [2010]
The Sid Saga [1985-1989]
Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story [2007]
Spirited Away [Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi] [2001]
They Live [1988]
Your Highness [2011]


  1. No Princess Bride???? It's fantasy and one of the best movies of all time. Wife won't agree with that statement, but God, do I love that movie.

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