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The G, Galactic Synth Voyager (Founding Editor)

Nerd Specialisms: Books, Games, Music, Miscellaneous Argumentation

Co-Founder and Publisher of Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together. The G blog about his music (and music more generally) at musicbytheg. His science fiction themed synthwave albums Cosmopolis and Concrete Island are available via TimeSlave Recordings. New album coming summer 2021!
Vance K, Official Selection of [Obscure Film Festival] (Founding  Editor)

Nerd Specialisms: Cult film over-thinker and reviewer; co-editor of Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together since it was first hatched.

Vance is an Emmy Award-winning producer and director, and a multi-instrumentalist behind the alt-folk group Sci-Fi Romance. The connection to cult movies is a personal one, having made and worked on no-budget films, and as a lifelong fan of how every outsider film is a tiny song of hope, an artifact of someone's belief that a task as collaborative and daunting as making a movie with minimal resources was going to...just work out. These movies, however offbeat or technically challenged, bring unique, essential voices and visions to the screen. You can listen to his music at, on your Spotifys and Apple Musics and your what-have-you, or find him on Twitter @SciFi_Romance. Vance lives in Los Angeles. (Photo by Sean Jacobs)

Senior Editors

Nerd Specialisms: Books, short fiction, the occasional video game, talking to Joe

From the UK via Australia, Adri has spent her adult life bouncing between England, China, Myanmar and various underwater locations. While on land, she is at her best when touching a dog. She's on twitter at @adrijjy, sometimes reviews at Strange Horizons, and is generally online too often.

Nerd Specialisms: Books and Awards. Awards and Books!

Co-editor of Nerds of a Feather, 5x Hugo Award finalist for Best Fanzine. Books, beer and pro-wrestling. Minnesota State Fair enthusiast.


Paul Weimer, Prince of the Unbanned

Nerd Specialisms:
 books, Mind Melds, Six Books

Not really a Prince of Amber, but rather, an ex-pat New Yorker living in Minnesota, Paul Weimer has been reading sci-fi and fantasy for over 40 years. An avid and enthusiastic amateur photographer, blogger and podcaster, Paul primarily contributes to the Skiffy and Fanty Show as blogger and podcaster, to Nerds of a Feather as a reviewer and interviewer, to the SFF Audio podcast, and turns up elsewhere as well. If you’ve spent any time reading about SFF online, you’ve probably read one of his reviews, comments or tweets (he’s @PrinceJvstin). (Photo by Peter West Carey)

Nerd Specialisms: Movies and TV, although no one has time to watch everything that exists and there will definitely be times when you're super excited about a show and I'm not.

Arturo is still new to this reviewing thing. His fiction has appeared in the digital magazines Antimatter and Axxón, besides two print anthologies in Colombia. His first TV and film reviews were published on Hypable. He was part of the team of translators at Constelación Magazine. In 2021, he wrote To Climates Unknown, an alternate history novel. He has a long-running Captain Planet fanfiction project he hopes to finish someday.

Roseanna Pendlebury, Paladin Enthusiast

Nerd specialisms: Books, graphic novels, sometimes short fiction, some video games

Roseanna is the humble servant of a very loud cat, but finds time around that to consume and have opinions about SFF (which she’s been doing for as long as she can remember, but quietly blogging about since 2012). She’s never quite managed to escape from her classics degree, and so is often found reading things with Greek gods in, then grumbling about them to her long-suffering partner. She also plays rugby, morris dances, board games, quizzes, dabbles in tabletop rpg and really really likes bread.


Nerd Specialisms: YA, environmental books, movies, TV

Phoebe Wagner holds an MFA in Creative Writing and Environment, and she currently pursues a PhD, studying ecocriticism and speculative fiction at University of Nevada, Reno. Recently, she’s published or has fiction upcoming in PANK, Diabolical Plots, and in AURELIA LEO—among other places. In 2017, Upper Rubber Boot Books published her co-edited anthology Sunvault: Stories of Solarpunk & Eco-Speculation, and she’s under contract to co-edit another solarpunk book from West Virginia University Press. When not writing, reading, or teaching, she can be found kayaking the nearest river, which these days, is the Susquehanna. You can follow her work at or on Twitter: @pheebs_w

Nerd specialisms: Books, Australian SFF

Elizabeth Fitzgerald is a freelance editor and owner of Earl Grey Editing. An unabashed roleplayer and reader of romance, her weaknesses are books, loose-leaf tea and silly dogs. She tweets @elizabeth_fitz

Nerd specialisms: Video Games

Joe D enjoys spending time thinking of questions that cause uncertainty in others, after all, what is life without a little introspection? When he isn't causing existential crises, he likes to play a breadth of video game genres and read a wide variety of books from mythology and fantasy to sci-fi and political. Oh, and he writes sometimes.

Nerd specialisms: alternate history, Star Wars, SFF literature more broadly

Alex is a history nerd and science fiction nerd who reads far more than is probably healthy. He is a fan of alternate history, and has had four stories in that genre published. When not being that type of nerd, he is a devoted partaker of various partner dances.

Nerds specialisms: TV, movies, some anime

Raised in Atlanta with a degree from Penn, Ann loves character driven sci-fi and anime,
escapist books, loud cats, and vacations at the beach. She is a problem solver by day and fiction
writer by night with a short story featured in the crime anthology Hook, Line and Sinker and a
fantasy novel scheduled for 2024. Find her on Twitter at @_AnnHarris_ or on Instagram at

Nerd specialisms: Short films, fanzines, history of fandom, professional wrestling and the relationship to fandom, short stories, podcasting

Chris Garcia? You mean the archivist, curator, film festival programmer, fanzine editor, professional wrestling enthusiast, painter, true crime writer, podcaster, and father of 2? The one from Boulder Creek, CA? The one that won the Hugo for Best Fanzine a couple of times? The guy with the hair? Oh, he's @johnnyeponymous on all the social media!

Nerd specialisms: Star Trek, linguistics, massive doorstop fantasy, scifi can play too

Clara lives in Scotland in a creaky old building with pipes for gas lighting still lurking under her floorboards. She is an experimental linguist by profession, and calligrapher and Islamic geometric artist by vocation. You can see her right hand on Season 8, episode 3, of Outlander, because they needed someone who could cut and wield a quill pen. During figure skating season she does blather on a bit about figure skating.

Nerd specialisms: Star Wars, post-apocalyptic fiction, the Locked Tomb trilogy

Haley Zapal is a lawyer-turned-copywriter who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She has no memory of watching Star Wars for the first time — it’s always been a part of her consciousness. By 12 she was immersed in the Expanded Universe and writing her first novella-length fanfic. As an adult, she enjoys movies and books about space, and pondering if the speed of light really is the universe’s speed limit. She does not like fantasy, mainly because of all the horses.

Special Guests and Former Contributors