Friday, March 5, 2021

6 Books with H.M. Long

 H. M. Long is a Canadian fantasy writer, author of Hall of Smoke and Temple of No God (coming 2022), who loves history, hiking, and exploring the world. She lives in Ontario, but can often be spotted snooping about European museums or wandering the Alps with her German husband. She tweets @hannah_m_long and is on instagram @hmlongbooks

Today, she tells us about her Six Books:

1. What book are you currently reading?

I’m reading Nophek Gloss by Essa Hansen. It’s gritty and sharp, but also full of colour and mind-bending possibility, and a found-family that makes my heart ache. Nophek is redefining everything I love about sci-fi and it’s one of those rare books that preoccupies me every time I put it down. 

2. What upcoming book you are really excited about? 

I’m so excited for Genevieve Gornichec’s The Witch's Heart. It’s essentially Circe meets Norse Mythology and I’m in love with it. Also, there’s Loki. 

3. Is there a book you're currently itching to re-read?

Kings of The Wyld by Nicholas Eames. This was one of my top reads of last year and I can’t wait to read it again one day. It was the perfect mix of humour, action, and heart-warming human connection, and it was so hard to hit the last page.

4. How about a book you've changed your mind about over time--either positively or negatively?

The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski. I DNF’s the book on my first read because the format drove me a little mad, but after reflection I started to appreciate it more, and it worked its way back into my to-read pile. 

5. What's one book, which you read as a child or young adult, that has had a lasting influence on your writing?

Sabriel by Garth Nix. It’s hard to judge just how much this book and the whole Old Kingdom series influenced me. I listened to the Sabriel audiobook half a dozen times as a young adult and its darkness, humour, incredible characters and magic system have stayed with me (also, Tim Curry’s brilliant narration). It’s still my go-to comfort read. 

6. And speaking of that, what's *your* latest book, and why is it awesome? 

Hall of Smoke just came out on January 19th and I think it’s awesome for many reasons (mortal gods at war, lots of axes and an epic journey of redemption and revenge), but particularly this: I wanted a female protagonist with as much humanity, strength, vulnerability and nuance as the women I saw in my life. So I wrote her, to the best of my abilities. Despite grief and insurmountable odds, Hall of Smoke’s Hessa keeps moving forward, keeps doing what needs to be done, fighting her demons and being generally badass in the process. I love her for it, and I hope readers will too.

Thanks, Hannah!

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