Thursday, January 9, 2020

Contributor Profile: Andrea Johnson

Today we are absolutely delighted to welcome Andrea Johnson to our flock! Andrea is better known as The Little Red Reviewer and if you haven't been following her work there, you're in for a treat! Andrea's reviews and interviews can also be found at SF Signal and Apex Magazine.

Photo Credit: Andrea Johnson

NAME: Andrea Johnson

SECRET UNDISCLOSED LOCATION: a secret whisky bar that is located in an unnamed public university's undergraduate library.

NERD SPECIALIZATION(S): aliens, language, snarky AI's

MY PET PEEVES IN NERD-DOM ARE: too much world building up front (let me discover it myself), crimes against adjectives, boring dialogue.


RIGHT NOW I'M READING: Ration by Cody Luff

...AND A COUPLE BOOKS I RECENTLY FINISHED ARE: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Conservation of Shadows by Yoon ha Lee

NEXT TWO ON QUEUE ARE: Mirrorstrike by Benjanun Sriduangkaew and The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski

WHEN THE WEATHER SUCKS OUTSIDE I'M MOST LIKELY TO BE... curled up under a blanket, reading or taking a nap

MY FAVORITE SUPERHERO AND SUPER-VILLAIN ARE: I don't have a favorite superhero, I'm more an anti-hero kind of girl. Favorite super-villain is The Monarch from The Venture Bros

IF I WERE A SUPERHERO/VILLAIN, MY POWER WOULD BE: the power to instantly make you fall asleep. I could do whatever I want and you couldn't stop me, and you'd get a good night's sleep.

THE BEST COMIC FILM OF THE PAST 5 YEARS IS: Tie between Into the Spider-Verse and Thor: Ragnarok

THE WORST COMIC FILM OF THE PAST 5 YEARS IS: I don't watch a lot of comic films, so not sure if the few that I saw were good or bad. sorry!

I JUST WATCHED The Witcher AND IT WAS AWESOME my twitter feed is currently 50% Witcher memes by volume. Toss a coin.

I JUST WATCHED XXXX AND IT WAS TERRIBLE. We stream everything in my house, if something is bad, i usually just turn it off in the first five minutes.

EVERYONE SHOULD SEE Castlevania (Netflix) BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE, the characters are self-awarely over the top and the banter is great! 2nd season is skip-able.

BEST SCIENCE/SPECULATIVE FICTION SHOW OF THE PAST 10 YEARS Tie between The O.A. (Netflix) and Ascension (Syfy).

NAME A BOOK YOU *NEED* A MOVIE OF (OR VICE VERSA) The Lies of Locke Lamora. When they get to the 3rd movie/book, I've got my Sabetha cosplay ready to go.