Tuesday, January 21, 2020

2020 Nerds of a Feather Hugo Awards Recommended Reading, Part 1: Fiction Categories

Several years ago our erstwhile founding editor The G asked the flock here at Nerds of a Feather if we would come together to put out a longlist of works we would recommend for Hugo consideration. Flock Together we did.

The rules for inclusion were simple--just: (a) meet the eligibility criteria; and (b) be "award worthy" (i.e. good). Given the subjectivity of the latter, it should come as no surprise that the selections on our longlist reflect the spectrum of tastes, tendencies and predilections found among our group of writers. You'll find selections ranging from the obscure and literary to the unabashedly popular and commercial, and from all corners and subdivisions of the genresphere.

That said, this is not nor intends to be a comprehensive survey of the field. Some books that are undoubtedly "award worthy," for example, are absent for the simple reason that we haven't read them yet. Thus we encourage you to think of this as a list of candidates to consider--alongside others.

Given the vast number of Hugo categories, we've also made the decision to split the longlist up into multiple posts. Today we look at the fiction categories (Novel, Novella, Novelette and Short Story, Series, and the Not a Hugo Lodestar Award for YA Novel). For fiction that is available free of charge, we've embedded a direct link to the story. For novels and works of short fiction that are not available for free, the embedded link redirects to a review.

In the interest of being transparent, it is worth noting that several of our writers have published fiction in 2019. Because it would be a conflict of interest, we are not including them on our longlist, but would still invite anyone interested to take a look at their work. Chloe has her list of fiction here.

Anders, Charlie Jane. The City in the Middle of the Night [Tor]
Bear, Elizabeth. Ancestral Night [Saga]
Cho, Zen. The True Queen [Ace]
Czerneda, Julia. The Gossamer Mage [DAW]
Drayden, Nicky. Escaping Exodus [Harper Voyager]
Hurley, Kameron. The Light Brigade [Saga]
Krueger, Paul. Steel Crow Saga [Del Rey]
Leckie, Ann. The Raven Tower [Orbit]
Lee, Fonda. Jade War [Jade War]
Landsman, Keren. The Heart of the Circle [Angry Robot]
Martine, Arkady. A Memory Called Empire [Tor]
Maughan, Tim. Infinite Detail [MCD x FSG Originals]
McGuire, Seanan. Middlegame [Tor.com Publishing]
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia. Gods of Jade and Shadow (Del Rey)
Muir, Tamsyn. Gideon the Ninth [Tor.com Publishing]
Nagata, Linda. Inverted Frontier: Silver [Mythic Island]
Newman, Emma. Atlas Alone [Ace]
O'Keefe, Megan. Velocity Weapon [Orbit]
Pinsker, Sarah. A Song for a New Day [Berkley]
Starling, Caitlin. The Luminous Dead [Harper Voyager]
Tchaikovsky, Adrian. Children of Ruin [Orbit]

Bear, Elizabeth. "A Time to Reap" [Uncanny Magazine, Issue 31]
Bennett, Robert Jackson. Vigilance [Tor.com Publishing]
Chambers, Becky. To Be Taught, If Fortunate [Harper Voyager]
Clark, P. Djeli. The Haunting of Tram Car 015 [Tor.com Publishing]
El-Mohtar, Amal and Max Gladstone. This is How Lose the Time War [Saga]
Howard, Kat. "Once, Future" [A Cathedral of Myth and Bone]
Lee, Yoon Ha "Glass Cannon" [Hexarchate Stories]
McCormack, Una. The Undefeated [Tor.com Publishing]
McGuire, Seanan. In an Absent Dream [Tor.com Publishing]
Moore, Scotto. Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You [Tor.com Publishing]
Rather, Lina. The Sisters of the Vast Black [Tor.com Publishing]
Solomon, Rivers. The Deep [Saga]
Talabi, Wole. "Incompleteness Theories" [Incomplete Solutions, Luna Press]
Thompson, Tade. The Survival of Molly Southborne [Tor.com Publishing]
Wilde, Fran. The Fire Opal Mechanism [Tor.com Publishing]
Yang, JY. The Ascent of Godhood [Tor.com Publishing]

Berger, Michele Tracy. "Doll Seed" [FIYAH, Issue 11]
Brown, Jen. "When Dragons Claim the Sky" [FIYAH, Issue 10]
Clark, M.L. "To Catch All Sorts of Flying Things" [Clarkesworld 155]
Duncan, R.K. "The Thirty-Eight Hundred Bone Coat" [Beneath Ceaseless Skies 277]
Gailey, Sarah. "Away With the Wolves" [Uncanny, Issue 30]
Goonan, Kathleen Ann. "One / Zero" [Tor.com, 3 Apr 2019]
Qiufan, Chen. "In This Moment, We Are Happy" [Clarkesworld 155]
Yang, JY. "Circus Girl, The Hunter, and Mirror Boy" [Tor.com, 30 Jan 2019)]

Short Story 
Adhyam, Shweta. "One Found in a World of the Lost" [Beneath Ceaseless Skies 287]
Bear, Elizabeth. "Deriving Life" [Tor.com, 31 Jan 2019]
Brennan, Marie. "Vis Delendi" [Uncanny, Issue 27]
Broaddus, Maurice. "The Migration Suite: A Study in C Sharp Minor" [Uncanny, Issue 29]
Bronstein, M.E. "Elegy of a Lanthornist" [Beneath Ceaseless Skies 284]
Chen, Ruoxi. "The Price of Knives" [The Dark, Issue 52]
Chu, John. "Probabilitea" [Uncanny, Issue 28]
Francisco, Ben. "Aging Elements" [Fireside Fiction, June 2019]
Harrow, Alix E. "Do Not Look Back, My Lion" [Beneath Ceaseless Skies 270]
Le, T.K. "2086" [Strange Horizons, 7 Jan 2019]
Medieros, Zoe. "My Sister is a House" [Fireside Fiction, May 2019]
Mitchell, Lis. "Blue Morphos in the Garden" [Tor.com, 4 May 2019]
O'Brien, Brandon. "Due by the End of the Week" [Fireside Fiction, Feb 2019]
Osborne, Emma. "A Salt and Sterling Tongue" [Uncanny, Issue 28]
Ponce, Joe. "Raices (Roots)" [Anathema, 7 Apr 2019]
Pratt, Tim. "A Champion of Nigh-Space" [Uncanny, Issue 29 / Patreon]
Sen, Nibedita. "We Sang You As Ours" [The Dark, June 2019]
Stephens, Dean-Paul E. "Pimento" [FIYAH, Issue 11]
Swirsky, Rachel. "Your Face" [Clarkesworld 155]
Wiggins, Troy L. "Fury at the Crossroads" [Beneath Ceaseless Skies 276]

The Alliance-Union Universe, by C.J. Cherryh

The Amberlough Dossier, by Lara Elena Donnelly
The Assiti Shards / Ring of Fire, by Eric Flint
The Axiom Trilogy, by Tim Pratt
Custard Protocol, by Gail Carriger
Elemental Logic, by Laurie J. Marks
The Expanse, by James S.A. Corey
The Imager Portfolio, by L.E. Modesitt, Jr
Invisible Library, by Genevieve Cogman
Incryptid, by Seanan McGuire
Luna, by Ian McDonald
Nanotech Succession, by Linda Nagata
Planetfall, by Emma Newman
Recluce Saga, by L.E. Modesitt, Jr
Wild Cards, by George R.R. Martin
The Winternight Trilogy, by Katherine Arden

Black, Holly. The Wicked King [Little, Brown for Young Readers]
Cho, Kat. Wicked Fox [Putnum for Young Readers]
Clayton, Dhonielle. The Everlasting Rose [Freeform]
Denard, Susan. Bloodwitch [Tor Teen]
Hardinge, Frances. Deeplight [MacMillan Children's]
He, Joan. Descendant of the Crane [Albert Whitman]
Johnston, E.K. The Afterward [Dutton Books for Young Readers]
Kritzer, Naomi. Catfishing on Catnet [Tor Teen]
Lee, Yoon Ha. Dragon Pearl [Rick Riordan]
Lucier, Makiia. Song of the Abyss [HMH Books for Young Readers]
Mejia, Tehlor Kay. We Set the Dark on Fire [Katherine Tegen Books]
Power, Rory. Wilder Girls [Delacorte Press]
Ursu, Anne. The Lost Girl [Walden Pond Press]
Wilde, Fran. Riverland [Harry N. Abrams]