Thursday, December 19, 2019

Thursday Morning Superhero

Happy Thursday fellow nerds.  I wanted to open by informing you of a change in Thursday Morning Superhero starting in 2020.  As this is my last post of 2019, I am scaling things back next year and will bring you your comic book updates on a monthly schedule. I am not sure what that format looks like yet, but I look forward to some healthy changes and wanted to wish you all a happy New Year.

Pick of the Week:
Skulldigger + Skeleton Boy #1 - Pulled from the world of Black Hammer, Jeff Lemire, Tonci Zonjic, and Steve Wants have a new book the centers around the masked vigilante Skulldigger and the relationship he has with a young man.  When the book opens, William Bowers is reflecting on the night his parents got murdered.  In an almost Batman like scenario, Bowers' parents were murdered on a mugging gone wrong following dinner.  Unlike Batman, Skulldigger intervened at this point providing a ghastly end to the murder's life.  This is my introduction to Skulldigger and I am getting some Punisher vibes, but instead of an arsenal of weapons Skulldigger wields a metal skull hung from a chain.

One quality that I always enjoy in books by Lemire are the role of the adopted father figure. This jumped out at me the most in Sweet Tooth, and if there are similarities here between Skulldigger and the soon to be Skeleton Boy I am here for it.  Like Jeppard in Sweet Tooth, Skulldigger appears to be an extremely flawed man, but one with good intentions. 

Every good story needs its villain and the Ghastly Grimjim appears to fill that void here.  Currently in prison (although not for long), Grimjim looks like quite the formidable foe who is motivated into escaping his cell when a hero from the 60's unmasks himself.  This was a gripping debut that immediately had my attention and I am very much looking forward to reading this in 2020.

The Rest of my Pull List:
Not to be outdone by his own work, Lemire dropped another great issue of Family Tree this week and Cullen Bunn delivered a fun spin-off entitled Tales from Harrow County. In preparation of The Rise of Skywalker I picked up The Rise of Kylo Ren and will do my best to avoid spoilers until Monday when my family will enjoy the finale to the current saga. Wrapping things up this week was the continuation of Daredevil as he teams up with Electra and is ever so closer to fully returning.

POSTED BY MIKE N. aka Victor Domashev -- comic guy, proudly raising nerdy kids, and Nerds of a Feather contributor since 2012.