Monday, December 9, 2019

Mondays on Mandalore: Off Target

Welcome to Mondays on Mandalore. Unlike Mandalorians, this will not be a quiet, stoic affair. It will, however, discuss The Mandalorian, and in doing so, assume you have seen same. So there are spoilers.
"Poop, I must"
"I'm busy"
"In here, I went"

I don't have a grand takeaway from the latest episode, but I do have several random thoughts, so you get these quick-hitters. Enjoy:

  • Every time there is a large group of largely solitary, morally-dubious people, there is always a guild. The Pirate's Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean, things like that. Here we have the Bounty Hunters Guild. Now, in the American West, it was licensed and regulated, so there is a real-life connection, but I want to know what the meetings were like where a bunch of paid killers sat down and decided to make rules about it. Also, what are the benefits? Do you get a pension?
  • The best they can do for tracking targets is a red blinky thing? That somehow always leads hunters to exactly where the target is? It seems like there should be a better system, that involves... you know... hunting. I love this show, but man, the fob thing is dumb.
  • One of the largest accomplishments of the original trilogy is having two main characters that didn't speak English, and two characters who were masked/a droid, and were still able to communicate exactly what they were thinking and feeling. The Mandalorian does the same. The Yodaling squeaks. We never see Mando's face, but he emotes so, so well. It's really what makes this show, and makes it very, very Star Wars.
  • Does Mando have to change diapers? Is the Yodaling potty trained? How does he reach? Or does Mando follow him around with a broom?

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