Thursday, September 26, 2019

Thursday Morning Superhero

It is nearly October which means that Halloween ComicFest is around the corner!  You can find out what books you can snag and what stores are participating here.  If you enjoy handing out comics on Halloween you probably want to get to your local comic book store and place your order for a mini bundle or two. I plan on doing that this weekend and hope I'm not too late!

Pick of the Week:
Criminal #8 - As we get closer to the big heist the curtain is getting pulled farther back on Teeg and his family. This issue focused on Jane, the women Teeg is currently with and the excitement and fear she has on the upcoming job. She quickly realizes that the dread she feels is associated with Teeg's son, Ricky, who is still adjusting to life outside of juvenile hall. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips do a wonderful job of making all of the characters feel real. Jane, despite the fact that she is on board with this heist and has a bit of a troubling past, is not a bad person and has redeeming qualities.  While there are people who make bad decisions in these books, it feels like there aren't any bad guys or gals.  Criminal remains one of my favorite series of all-time and I am so happy we are in the middle of another brilliant run.  

The Rest:
Bloodshot #1 - My guess is due to the pending Bloodshot movie, Valiant wanted to give readers a nice jumping on point for their nanobot infused superhero. Bloodshot is now free of the covert military group that created him and he is seeking to right the wrongs he may have caused earlier in his life. The first issue establishes this fact with a quick story of Bloodshot doing some good and demonstrating how powerful he is. Bloodshot has always felt like a 90's comic in all of the best ways and I am looking forward to this run.

Captain America #14 - Steve Rogers continues to work with the Daughters of Liberty as his public relations campaign continues. This issue features him raiding a Watchdog Militia site that is trafficking citizens somewhere via a mysterious portal. Things are going well until the crew runs into Sin, Red Skull's daughter, and she quickly makes a quick escape. While they couldn't save everyone, they still rescued a lot of people and it wasn't a complete failure. This current arc has been entertaining as Rogers works with an interesting crew fighting against some familiar foes, all while trying to remain outside of the reach of Nick Fury. 

Star Wars: Target Vader #3 - The bounty hunter Valance and his crew have set a trap with the goal of eliminating Darth Vader. Vader makes his crash landing at the site in this issue as this series continues to bring the action. What I enjoy about this series is that it doesn't pull any punches and comes across the page like a summer action flick that you have been anticipating since you saw the trailer drop at Comic Con. Valance is an interesting character and he teams up with familiar faces like Dengar as he attempts the impossible.  We all know that his plan isn't going to work, but it is going to be fun watching it go up in flames. 

POSTED BY MIKE N. aka Victor Domashev -- comic guy, proudly raising nerdy kids, and Nerds of a Feather contributor since 2012.