Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Morning Superhero

Before we dive into this week's comics I thought I would share a comic that can be enjoyed by all ages for the low price of FREE!  Bad Apple Castle is a free webcomic from Chris Eliopoulos who has penned numerous kid-friendly titles that I have enjoyed with my kids .  Started in December of last year, Chris has graced us with over 100 comics to date and it is full of the zany humor I have enjoyed in his other titles.  Dewey Dreadful is the grumpy ruler of Bad Apple Castle and the hijinks that ensue within the walls of the castle are fun and unexpected. Give it a look and if you enjoy it you should check out his other work.  Our favorites from Chris are Okie Dokie Donuts, Monster Party, and Mr. Puzzle.  Now onto this week's titles.

Pick of the Week:
Itty Bitty Hellboy #1 - Dark Horse was graced with a kid friendly version of Hellboy from the Eisner-winning duo of Art Baltazar and Franco.  Full of good natured fun and truly funny moments, this comic ended too quickly.   Baltazar and Franco prove that they are able to create kid-friendly versions of a wide arrange of properties in a way that captures the essence of the characters and remains true to the comic.   I am always grateful for comics that I can actually enjoy reading with my kids.  I am pleased to report that Itty Bitty Hellboy delivers and it will be a long wait for issue #2.

The Rest:
Skullkickers #24: Before Skullkickers - Jim Zub is not finished with his parody on the world of comics.  Before Skullkickers includes four tales that were never intended to be written created by all-star teams.  In a review of another similar stunt, I am tempted to only comment on the great art.  That being said, this was quite enjoyable.  Kusia's story was my favorite and I particularly enjoy how she took out a giant creature with a small dagger and a poke to the hand.  Well played Mr. Zub.

Secret #3 - It has been a long wait since issue #2, but I enjoyed my return to this book from Jonathan Hickman and Ryan Bodenheim.  I have learned its best to trust Hickman for the ride he takes you on and Secret began to payoff this month.  Grant is beginning to learn who is behind the death of his friend and it doesn't bode well.  I just hope that issue #4 won't take as long to come out.

Thumbprint #3 - This mini-series based on a short story from Joe Hill came to its grisly end this month.  Mal learns who is behind the mysterious thumbprints that have been tormenting her and the 2-spread page in the middle of this book is one of the most disturbing and hilarious things I have ever read.  Just be warned, I am now well versed in how to chop off someone's thumb thanks to a handy guide.

What I should have read:
Morning Glories #30 - I made the decision to switch to trades for future issues of Morning Glories and it takes all of my willpower not to pick up the latest issue at my LCS.  This issue focuses on the past of Irina and we meet her mom who isn't the nicest of ladies.  It is going to be a tough wait for the next trade.  Maybe ComiXology will have a sale.