Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Breaking Meme: The Breaking Bad Season 5 Meme-down

A friend of mine mentioned that when it comes to Breaking Bad, the internet moves faster than normal. So I had planned on trying to keep up after watching Sunday night's broadcast of new episode "Buried." All day Monday I scanned for new memes based on the episode, and I was going to make a handy compilation for you guys. But the web was decidedly quieter this week than it was last week after the season 5.2 premiere, "Blood Money."

But in my head I promised you guys a Breaking Bad meme-down, so a meme-down you shall have.

It should go without saying that some of these links contain spoilers if you're not up-to-date with the show. Here goes...

1. Badger's Animated Star Trek Spec Idea
The most amazing thing about this video is that it appeared on Vulture.com only a few hours after the episode first aired.

2. The Evolution of Color Throughout the Series
There are some wonderful books out there that discuss how filmmakers can use color intelligently to convey additional information to the audience, often subconsciously, but it turns out Breaking Bad has been putting on a master class. Thankfully, this guy at The Droid You're Looking For was paying attention.

3. Breaking Bad Middle School Musical
YouTube doesn't need my promotional help, but last week for their Geek Week they debuted a few original musicals performed by kids for things like Star Trek TOS and Breaking Bad.

4. Easter Eggs
There has been a lot of internet scuttlebutt about different Easter Eggs the creators of the show have hidden in it, and most of them aren't Easter Eggs at all, just intelligent or interesting storytelling moments, or even just totally obvious moments that nobody missed in the first place. But Buzzfeed put together a list (as they do) of interesting patterns of behavior throughout the show and what they might prophesy if they continue.

Check out our earlier infographic "Six Things Breaking Bad Has Ruined Forever."