Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Morning Superhero: Comic Con Edition

This week I will not be looking at the current release of comics, rather I will be laying out a rough plan that I have in store for San Diego Comic Con.  This will be my fifth SDCC so I am in no ways an expert, I am simply a fan who enjoys a good convention and have had a good time in San Diego.  I will now break down my plan for SDCC, which will change constantly as I navigate the chaos that is Comic Con.

To start out I will recap my Wednesday.  I began my journey by volunteering.  This marks the third straight year that I have served as a volunteer and this year I was assigned a task that was both fun and beneficial to myself.  My assignment was to provide attendees with their big bag, courtesy of Warner Brothers, after they picked up their badge.  It was entertaining to provide an object that brought many attendees moments of elation.  Early on I was the distributor of the Big Bang Theory Bag and cape that many, although not all, attendees were clamoring for.  Upon completion of my shift I was able to secure a Lego Movie bag for my son and I can't wait to give it to him.  I hope that volunteering remains a tradition with my attendance as I am able to give something back to an event that has meant so much to me.  Time for my schedule, which is always subject to change.

9:05am - This is my scheduled time to donate blood to the San Diego Blood Bank.  Not only am I able to provide a service to the local community, I am able to see individuals in full cosplay give blood and secure some fun True Blood swag to give to my friends.
11:45am - Dreamworks Panel - My son and I are both huge fans of How to Train Your Dragon so I am hopeful to attend this panel featuring some of the top animation directors to gain some insight on a franchise that has meant so much to my family.
1:00pm - Arkham Origins - The third in the Arkham series of video games, this title seeks to take the series to its point of inception and explore the origins of Arkham Asylum and Batman.  Given the level of quality on the two previous titles this one is sure to dazzle.
4:15pm - Walking Dead 10th Anniversary - Fans of this weekly post are no strangers to the fact that I am a fan of Walking Dead.  The 10th Anniversary panel should provide valuable insight into a series that remains fresh after 10 years.
6:00pm - South Park: The Stick of Truth - After having a major presence on the floor last year, Matt Parker and Trey Stone are close to bringing this game to life.  Set in the South Park world, the Stick of Truth should appeal to any fan of the series.

9:30am - I have been fortunate enough to be selected to compete in a Settlers of Catan Tournament at the Geek and Sundry Headquarters.  I will keep you posted on how I do.
1:00pm - Following my inevitable defeat at Catan, I will venture back to the convention to catch the Phineas and Ferb panel and learn all about their plans to crossover with Marvel in a special that I, along with my children, will without question enjoy.
9:00pm - A big break in my day leads me to a screening that I RSVP'd for and am debuting my first cosplay for, Axe Cop.  The good folks at ADHD Fox are screening Axe Cop for a select group and I couldn't be more excited.

 10:45am - The Warner Brothers Panel - With a six year old son who is obsessed with Legos, I would be remissed if I failed to attend a panel with The Lego Movie.  This is the one panel that will bring me to the madness that is Hall H.
The rest of Saturday I am going to fly by the seat of my pants.  With no Fables or Locke and Key panels I will attempt to attend at least one comic related panel.

12:30pm - Dr. Who: 50th Anniversary -  The wife and I have recently got into the world of Dr. Who and I owe her a duty to attend a panel of this magnitude.  Really looking forward to the insights that will be gained from the Whovians in attendance.
3:00pm - Spotlight on Neil Gaiman - It has been announced that a follow-up to the stunning Sandman comics will occur this year.  I am currently in the process of revisiting this series and it is quickly apparent why this series is considered a classic and should be read by all.  Unlike the Watchmen prequels, this next addition has the full support and input from the original creator.  I can't wait!

That is my tentative plan for now.  Thing are always fluid at SDCC so expect some changes and more coverage in the days to come.