Thursday, March 8, 2018

Thursday Morning Superhero

We did some rearranging at my house over the weekend and some purging of old items and it got me thinking about some of my older comics that I haven't read in ages. Part of the purge involved taking some books to Half Price Books and I think I need motivation to revisit some old series and might start including a write-up in this space.  I just feel that re-reading books like Blankets, Batman:Knightfall, and Infinite Kung Fu to name a few would be a fun project. While I think about that enjoy this week's reviews and go pick up Gideon Falls if you haven't already!

Pick of the Week:
Gideon Falls #1 - Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino team up to bring us a mysterious story set in a small town. It sounds like it will be a classic good versus evil, but I am sure there is much more to it than that. On one side you have Father Wilfred who just moved to town following the death of the previous priest. We haven't learned what led to his demise, but it sounds like it might be part of an ongoing problem in Gideon Falls. On the other side we have Norton Sinclair, a formerly committed young man who is obsessed finding mysterious black shards in the trash throughout the city. Turns out that Lemire created this character in the late 90's back when he was in film school and is finally getting to tell his full story. I am extremely intrigued by what Sorrentino and Lemire introduce us to in this first issue and am looking forward to visiting Gideon Falls again in the next issue.

The Rest:
Infinity Countdown #1 - The race for the Infinity Stones is on and I am not sure how I feel about it. Marvel is prepping for a reboot and it will require someone to get all six stones and recreate the universe to match their vision. This was a Guardians of the Galaxy heavy issue which is fine by me, but it feels all too formulaic. I think there is pressure to reboot the universe to draw new fans as they are shifting over to more of the creator own projects from other publishers. I do enjoy comics written by Gerry Duggan and did enjoy this book, but I feel that it will be too predictable as it moves closer to hitting the reset button.

Star Wars Adventures #7 - I probably sound like a broken record on this series, but it really is one of the best all-ages books being published and is a lot of fun for Star Wars fans of all ages. I particularly enjoyed part 1 of "Endangered", which featured the Rebels crew attempting to save a sacred bird. The "Tales from Wild Space" story this week was nothing to write home about, but works well as quick and fun entry in this series.

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