Thursday, May 2, 2013

We Rank 'Em: Most Anticipated Free Comic Book Day Titles

This Saturday at comic book stores around the country will give out free comic books to patrons. The number of books varies from store to store so be sure to check with your LCS about their rules.  To find a store near you click here.  Free Comic Book Day has become an annual holiday for my children and me and I hope you can support your LCS this weekend and take home some free books to boot.

Here are my top 10 most anticipated titles for this year's FCBD:

10.  Mr. Puzzle: My children have read a few books by Mr. Eliopoulos (Okie Dokie Donuts is Henry's favorire) and this one looks like it will be sure to please.  I always love getting books to share with my kids on Free Comic Book Day.

9. NFL Rushzone O/T Legends:: Here me out on this one.  I am a teacher of sports and am curious to see the intersection of my 2 worlds.  Not expecting much, but intrigued.

8. Atomic Robo and Friends::  While I haven't read as much Atomic Robo as I would like, I have enjoyed every title I have read and would enjoy a free book.

7. Star Wars/Last Airbender combo: I enjoy both series and would most likely enjoy short stories from each universe.

6. Bongo Free-for-All: Worst Free Comic Book Day ever.

5. Mouse Guard/Rust flip book:  Archaia publishes some of the most beautiful stories in all of comics and both Mouse Guard and Rust have me captivated.  Very excited about this one.

4. Disney Fairies: Easy there tiger.  I am excited to have a book, while gendered, that I can share with my daughter.  She likes other comics, but I feel this one could serve as her entryway into my world.

3. Infinity: One of my early entries into the comic world was through Infinity Gauntlet so Thanos will forever hold a special place in my heart, even if Death won't have his.

2. Walking Dead: One of my favorite titles on the market today.  I am guessing this one will do well.

1. Top Shelf Kids Club: This is always my the most read in our house.  Owly, Johnny Boo, Korgi, Pirate Penguin, Ninja Chicken, Upside Down, and Monster on the Hill.  How do they cram so much awesome into one book!