Friday, March 4, 2016

NERD MUSIC: Weekend Mixtape (3.4.16)

Welcome to our new weekly NERD MUSIC series, in which one of the various 'Nerds of a Feather' curates a 6- or 12-song playlist for your weekend. First up is The G…

The G's Synthwave Mixtape, March 4, 2016. 

If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably already noticed my obsession with all things synthwave--a relatively new style of electronic dance music using '80s vintage synths (or emulations/samples of them), '80s production cliches (like gated reverb on snare drums) and drawing upon '80s pop culture for thematic inspiration. At the same time, synthwave is no mere retread--rather, it is a fundamentally new form of music, albeit a retrofuturistic one.

This week I've selected 12 of my absolutely favorite synthwave tracks and arranged them like any child of the '80s would--in a proper mixtape flow. Along the way you get to taste several flavors of synthwave, from the deeply nostalgic to the outrun, "teen romance" and "darksynth" subgenres--before circling round to finish with three stellar romantic synthwave tracks.  Enjoy!


 POSTED BY: The G--purveyor of nerdliness, genre fanatic and Nerds of a Feather founder/administrator, since 2012.