Monday, December 28, 2015

NERD MUSIC: Marian Call

I love folk music. Like, a lot. For all the punk and metal I listen to, there isn't much that compares to good folk (related: Did you know Vance and Co. have a new album coming out?). So it stands to reason that nerdy folk is even better.

Marian Call is exactly that. Nerdy, fun folk music. The best place to start is Got to Fly, literally containing an ode to the ships we all love. It gets better from there. Just kidding, it actually can't get better than a love song about spaceships, but it does stay that good. There is commentary on geek culture, and general geek love (if you like Firefly, this album is an absolute must-own).

If you get the chance, absolutely see her live. She is impossibly fun and engaging, to say nothing of having a gorgeous voice and great music. Her music is evocative of classic folk, yet innovative and clever (she incorporates a typewriter, so, yeah. Top that).

Oh, and she has a song about Shark Week, in case you weren't sold already.

So, head over to bandcamp, give her a listen and throw a few bucks her way, and definitely catch her live.


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