Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday Morning Superhero

Time for a special week of Thursday Morning Superhero.  With limited comics out this week due to the holidays, I decided to focus on the big comic of the week, Amazing Spider-man #700.  I will warn you that this will contain spoilers so if you do not want to be spoiled then now is the time to leave.

To be honest it has been a while since I read an Amazing Spider-man story, but with the big announcement and the conclusion of the series I wanted to give it a read.  The over 90-page conclusion to the series includes some nice bonus stories at the end, but that isn't why readers are picking up this book so we will leave that alone today.

First some backstory to get you caught up.  Doctor Octopus is not in the best of health and only has a few days to live.  In a desperate move to grant him new life and kill Peter Parker he utilizes a robot to swap memories with Parker, thus trapping his mind in Parker and Parker's mind in the ailing body of Doc Oc.  Parker (Doc Oc) is settling into his new life and learning all of the secrets of Parker's past (one of the side effects of swapping memories is that you also gain the memories of who you swapped memories with).

In a last ditch plan to attempt to swap memories back, effectively killing Doc Oc and saving himself, Parker, as Doc Oc, escapes from prison and steals the last remaining robot that can swap memories back.  Doc Oc, as Parker, meanwhile, is up to his own plan to punish Parker and ensure that many of his loved ones suffer.  

What ensues then is a series of events that demonstrate the intelectual superiority of Doc Oc as Parker, as Doc Oc, is one step behind.  It all culminates with the two plummeting from the top of the Avengers Tower to the ground below.  Parker as Doc Oc finally has his moment to swap memories back before the body of Doc Oc finally succumbs.  As we learned from this issue, Doc Oc is always one step ahead and has a special plate on the back of his neck that block the robot.  It appears that all is lost until Parker's life flashes before his eyes.  Both Parker and Doc Oc are privy to the series of events that made Spider-man and Peter Parker such strong characters. 

Through this flashback Doc Oc, as Parker, realizes that life is valuable and that he must protect those who he loves.  In essence, this series of flashbacks has truly transformed Doc Oc into Spider-man and we are now left with the next chapter for Spider-man, the Superior Spider-man.  I guess with Doc Oc's brain and Spider-man's past the new iteration could be interesting, but I am not completely sold on the idea.  I think I will pick up some of the issues that led to the monumental Amazing Spider-man #700.  I am guessing that the memory of both individuals will play a pivotal role in the series and we may see a darker Spider-man.  Intriguing development, but not sure if I will be drinking the Marvel Kool-aid on this one.  Hopefully they have good plans for the new Spider-man.