Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Morning Superhero

This is a new column I am trying in which I recap the comics I read on Wednesday, and tell you which ones I enjoyed and which ones I did not enjoy. The idea is like a Monday Morning Quarterback for comics.  The number of comics will vary week-by-week depending on what is out and what I can afford.  I think at this point minor spoilers are ok, but I will try to abstain from anything major.  Any suggestions as to what books I should pick up next week are welcome.  Comment away on how awful my choices are or how great of a human being I am.

Pick of the Week:
Walking Dead #101 – I was late in drinking the Walking Dead Kool-Aid and now I can’t get enough of this book.  While it doesn’t have the ending that #100 did, the emotion in the opening pages between Maggie and Rick is beautiful.  Rick and crew make it to Hilltop to drop off Maggie and Sofia, but return to see that Negan’s Saviors have attacked their safe haven in their absence.  This war is just getting started and I have a front row seat!  Well-done Kirkland.

Classic villain Stiltman!
Daredevil #17 – Mark Waid’s current run on Daredevil has been delightful and earned him a well-deserved Eisner. Matt Murdock flashes back to when he first began working with Foggy and through this funny look back at classic Daredevil (Stiltman is in the flashback!) realizes that someone is trying to turn Foggy against him.  Full of humor and some old fashioned action, I am ready to see who has it in for the Man with no Fear.

The Not as Good:
Batwoman #12 – I have not read any of Batwoman since the New 52, but with this column and a new story line that crosses over with Wonder Woman I figured it was worth a shot.  While the art and style in this book are amazing, the story felt convoluted and didn’t hook me.

The Rest:
AvX #10 – finally we get to see Hope gain some power. I will keep reading this series, but it is far from my favorite.

Before Watchmen : Rorschach #1 – Very violent and very satisfying.  While torn on the idea of Before Watchmen, I really enjoyed this one.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #3 – Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun!) writes it and Deadpool really does kill the Marvel Universe.  Fun!

Fatale #7 – Nobody does noir like Brubaker.  Chapter 2 begins with a great ending to an otherwise slow issue.

Saga: Chapter 6 – Fiona Staples draws a beautiful book.  Throw in Brian K. Vaughan. It works. 

What I missed:
Wonder Woman #12 – From the reviews I read I should have opted for this instead of Batwoman

Nightwing #12 – Robin guest stars in what sounded like a good one I could have picked up.