Thursday, August 16, 2012

GRATUITOUS PLUG: "The Lennox Kid" by Vance Kotrla

If you read this site regularly, you've come to know Vance Kotrla, author of many classic nerds-feather posts, including this Neil Gaiman-approved review of Pavane, a controversial ranking of Harry Potter films and this very touching ode to Ray Bradbury (RIP). What you may not know is that Vance writes fiction in his spare time. With his latest short story, "The Lennox Kid," Vance enters the brave new world of independent publishing.

Residing somewhere on the border of speculative fiction and magic realism, "The Lennox Kid" tells the story of a lawyer, his trustafarian client and his conscience, whose name is Larry. It's a fun story, and is full of the kind of culture-savvy irony we expect from Vance. Plus it's only $0.99!

"The Lennox Kid" is available in e-book form at Smashwords and Amazon.