Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Morning Super Hero

Welcome to week 2 of Thursday Morning Super Hero.  The budget limited me to six books this week, but it was a good week of reading nonetheless.  The comic scene right now is solid and there are so many great books out there.  Any suggestions as to what books I should pick up next week are welcome.  Shoot me a tweet at @newhousebailey

Pick of the Week:
Mind MGMT #4 – Mind MGMT was a book that had received good critical praise and one I wanted to finally check out and I am pleased I did so.  I am not just saying this because the main character shares a name with my son, but because the writing is smart, the art is beautiful and you can’t help believing in this acid trip world Matt Kindt has created.  I think it speaks volumes to the creative mind behind a book about children who utilize mind control on dolphins and being asked to shoot your classmate with a gun in immortality lessons that you walk away feeling that it really could happen.  Time to read some back issues and hop on this book.

Fables #120 – Just when you think that Bill Willingham can’t make the Cubs in Toyland any darker he managed to do just that.  To be honest, I was starting to fall off of the Fables bandwagon for a touch until this story arc rekindled my love for Mr. Willingham’s world. I was planning on eliminating this from the single issue purchases and switching to trade, but I am hooked again.  Bonus: Best cover of the week!

The Not as Good:
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #4 – I truly enjoy Cullen Bunn’s work and have enjoyed this series until its conclusion.  I just didn’t care for this book and didn’t like the conclusion.

The Rest:
Brilliant #4 – Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley continue in this solid tale about college kids who find out a way to create super powers.  More is revealed about who underwent the treatment for powers and the FBI is now keeping a watchful eye on the kids.  Add to the fact that they are all over YouTube and you have a scenario with some great potential.  Not my top choice, but one I have enjoyed from the get go and will keep reading.

Batman: The Dark Knight #12 – Every week I swear I am going to trim down my Batman reading and focus on the brilliant Scott Snyder run.  Then I read the Dark Knight and blown away by the university David Finch has drawn and I am hooked.  I don’t know if anyone can draw Scarecrow as good as Finch and despite not much action in this book, I breezed through it with pleasure. Even though it is a gimmick, I am looking forward to DC’s issue #0 promotion to hit soon.

Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #1 – I am embarrassed to admit that I have been enjoying (guiltily) the Before Watchmen run, but this is one I will pass on.  I am intrigued by the history of Dr. Manhattan, but like to keep him a mystery.  No need to dig deeper.

What I missed:
Scalped #60 – I have read the first few issues of Jason Aaron’s and R.M. Guera’s epic and plan on reading the entire series.  From what I read about the conclusion I will be very happy that I traveled down the Scalped road.

The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom #1 – Not surprisingly, but Mark Waid is getting positive attention for a comic book.  With Waid at the help of the Rocketeer it is hard to go wrong.  My local comic book store was sold out so I missed it.  It sounds like it was a fun ride.