Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An Avengers short, alien weaponry, and Lizzy Caplan

The last part of this post's title is definitely my favorite. It's also my favorite thing about the photo below.

Lizzy Caplan will be starring in a short film, ITEM 47, to be released in September in time for the DVD/blu-ray release of The Avengers in September. The story is about a down-on-their-luck couple who stumble across some alien tech featured in the film (I still haven't seen it) and decide to rob some banks. A perfectly reasonable plan of action.

Caplan -- for those of you who don't know and probably are lame since you don't know -- co-starred in the awesome but woefully short-lived Starz series Party Down. She was also in some show about vampires and a Godzilla remake. And she is awesome.

Source: JoBlo.