Thursday, January 10, 2019

Awards Eligibility

As part of our normal course of business here at Nerds of a Feather we prefer to focus and celebrate the works of others, to put a spotlight on the interesting and exceptional novels, stories, movies, and games created by others. That's what our Hugo Award longlists are about, and really is what Nerds of a Feather is all about. We prefer to let our own work and commentary speak for itself.

So, this post is a bit of an exception from our norm.

We are proud of the reviews, commentary, essays, and genre coverage we put out five days a week here at Nerds of a Feather, but this year there are a few things we would like to shine just a little bit more of a spotlight on. We're perhaps extra proud of them and hope that you agree they might merit extra consideration when it comes to nominating for the Hugo Award.

Feminist Futures was a major initiative for us and included some of the best writing we've featured on our site. We'd like to particularly emphasize the essays of Adri Joy and Phoebe Wagner as standouts.

Vance Kotrla also had a notable essay series titled Frankenstein at 200 that is very much worth a second or third look.

All of our writers are eligible for Fan Writer, and this is as good of a flock as you're likely to find, but we hope that you maybe put a little extra thought and consideration into Adri Joy, Phoebe Wagner, and Paul Weimer. All three are more than worthy nominees for the Hugo Award.

Finally, and this is only tangentially related to Nerds of a Feather - but founding editor Vance Kotrla has a band and his band made a comic book and a video for their song "Voices". It's pretty great and would be eligible for Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.

Related Work
Feminist Futures, by Joe Sherry, Adri Joy, Vance Kotrla, Phoebe Wagner, Charles Payseur, Paul Weimer, and Chloe Clark.
Frankenstein at 200, by Vance Kotrla

Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together, by The G, Vance Kotrla, and Joe Sherry (editors)

Fan Writer
Adri Joy
Phoebe Wagner
Paul Weimer

Dramatic Presentation, Short Form
"Voices", by Sci-Fi Romance