Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Nanoreviews [books]: Nightshades, Spiderlight, Pride's Spell

Olson, Melissa F. Nightshades [Tor.com Publishing, 2016]

Melissa Olson's novella seems to be as much of a slightly lighter FBI procedural as it is about the paranormal urban fantasy, but she balances the two so well for me that as much as I always want to know more about the background, the vampiric details were teased out at just the right pace for me. Nightshades is very clearly the opening volume in a longer series (I hope) and I'll be down to read more. No frills, just solid storytelling.
Score: 7/10

Tchaikovsky, Adrian. Spiderlight [Tor.com Publishing, 2016]

I've somehow never read Adrian Tchaivosky before despite having a few of his novels (Shadows of the Apt) on my bookshelf for years as review copies. Tor.com Publishing's release of Spiderlight was a more bite sized opportunity to jump into a standalone and - it's compelling with a cast of really distasteful characters, the heroes I mean. It's very Tolkien-esque / standard epic fantasy feeling as the core of the novel, with heroes of the Light questing out to serve a prophecy and defeat the Dark Lord - except the heroes are collectively all assholes and not in the charming asshole sort of way. They're pretty shitty people. Despite that, Thchaivoksy's storytelling is compelling and he weaves a bit of a twist when the confrontation finally occurs.
Score: 8/10

Wallace, Matt. Pride's Spell [Tor.com Publishing, 2016]

When I introduced the Nanoreview review feature back in April, I led with my deep and abiding love of Matt Wallace's Sin du Jour novella series. Seriously, if you haven't read Matt Wallace stop what you're doing and go buy Envy of Angels. You won't regret it, and if you do, I really don't know what to say to you. Pride's Spell is just as absurd and viciously hilarious as the first two installments as Wallace brings the kitchen staff to Hollywood to cater....well, if I told you more I'd be giving the game away. Suffice it to say that the Easter Bunny and Cupid show up and whatever you're thinking, that's not what Wallace is doing here. It's Matt Wallace, he's brutal and just fucking brilliant.
Score: 9/10

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