Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday Morning Superhero

I sit in awe as I type my weekly open to our comics book round-up.  Mind MGMT came to a glorious end today and there is something to be said about a comic book series that has a clear beginning and end.  While I would have loved to have had more adventures with Henry, Meru, and the other agents, it wouldn't have been as satisfying.  When I think about recent comic book series that I have truly loved of recent, Mind MGMT, Locke and Key, The Sixth Gun, and Chew come to mind.  There are others that I am forgetting, but one thing all of these series have in common is that while it is sad to see them come to an end, it is natural and prevents series from going on and on and on and on and on.  I will pour one out for Mind MGMT tonight, but sleep easy knowing the Matt Kidnt will continue to produce stunning work.

Pick of the Week:
New MGMT #1 - The epilogue for Matt Kindt's phenomenal 3 year run at Mind MGMT came to a stunning conclusion this week.  The way he was able to bring everything full circle, wrap up so many loose ends, and provide the perfect ending is nothing short of spectacular.  From the notes in the margins, to the beautiful reflection Mr. Kindt provides about the journey that produced 1,028 pages of penciled, inked, painted, and lettered pages of an instant classic.  Throughout this run, Matt has raised the bar to what is possible through this medium and I am honored to have had a chance to share this experience with him.  The direction that Meru leads the New MGMT in is inspirational and something that will hopefully inspire people to use their gifts to create positive change in their community.

The Rest:
Over the Garden Wall #1 - Kaboom! has brought the beloved Cartoon Network miniseries to print form and the first issue an an absolute delight.  It retains all of the charm and surrealism that made the miniseries a success.  In this issue, Wirt attempts to correct a wrong he has committed by doing some chores.  Due to simple misunderstandings, he merely causes more harm and he must flee with his brother.  If you are looking for a new all-ages book then look no further than Over the Garden Wall.

Last Days of Ant-Man #1 - I decided to revisit Secret Wars and was quite entertained by the  exploits of Ant-Man and his quest to retrieve an artifact for a crotchety client.  Unaware of the impending colliding of worlds, Scott Lang is hired by a client to steal a valuable item that was taken from her.  Hijinks ensue and Lang learns that his client is the former Miss Patriot.  Upon learning she is a clairvoyant and how the world is ending, Lang attempts to say goodbye to his daughter.  This was a fun issue, but I am still not feeling the Secret Wars vibe.  Not sure if I will pick up the next issue or not.

Old Man Logan #4 - My favorite series in the latest Marvel event, Logan finds himself in the Deadlands left to die.  The deadlands are filled with zombies and sybiotes and a disgruntled She-Hulk.  She-Hulk confirms that there is no escaping the Deadlands as she has been trying to escape for an unknown amount of time.  Still trying to wrap his head around what is happening, Logan will need the help of She-Hulk if he ever wants to escape.  A dark issue in which the breathtaking art of Andrea Sorrentino does most of the talking.  While my reading of the latest event has been quite narrow, I feel this is one of the few must-read titles of Secret Wars.

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