Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Nerd Gift Guide - Adam

Bad Religion's 'Christmas Songs'
Epitaph Records (available to buy)

I really don't need to discuss anything about this except to ask you to conjure up in your minds the idea of Bad Religion doing 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman' and 'Little Drummer Boy' without changing their sound one jot.

Done it?

Now you're buying it. 

Aren't you? 

Ye-ssssss, good puppets....

Xmas gold dust.

I'll be lopping this bad boy all week whilst stuffing my face with chocolate. That's good Yorkshire chocolate. Like Terry's Chocolate Orange, which has to be smashed open. How Jesusy is THAT? And their ad slogan is "It's not Terry's. It's mine". Only the great Creator could have come up with that. Praise be.
If any room left I'll maybe scoff a little Green and Blacks. And Lindt. But none of that nasty, doesn't melt properly Herseys rubbish. But maybe some Oreos. Though that's not really chocolate in the strict sense. Plus, they don't have Santa-shaped Oreos. Or Snowman Oreos. 

Wait, do they? 

If they do - on the list.

So it's basically a thrash ska punk shouty carols album and mythical Oreos from me. And maybe an xbox one please. Thanks.

Have happy, nerdy holidays my fellow geeks and freaks!

The true spirit of Christmas...