Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday Morning Superhero

I must admit that I am ready for villains month from DC to come to an end so I can resume reading Batman and others.  I enjoyed the Court of Owls, but have not been moved to pick up any of the other titles.  I may be missing out on some gems, but I feel there are too many cooks in the kitchen.  Fortunately, this week gives us a new Saga that has cemented Lying Cat as my favorite character ever.

Pick of the Week:
Saga #14 - This series has so much good going for it that it is impossible to cover in my simple blurb.  Fiona Staples delivers some of the most beautiful pages ever fit to print.  From the fishing shark out of the sky scene, to the seal and walrus buddy on Quietus, I have never seen such a diverse range of characters, colors, and landscapes in a single book.  This has been a series that I would enjoy even if I didn't read the text.  Fortunately, the story that Brian K. Vaughan is utterly compelling.  While a lot has happened in this series from the strange, to the violent, and to the profane.  The compassion that I feel for these characters is real.  The Will is struggling with how to deal with the slave girl, Sophia, he rescued.  He wants a simple life, but so much of her innocence has been robbed from her.  She has some social issues to say the least.  She is sent to Lying Cat and one of the most moving pages I have ever read occurred.  Enjoy.  Now go buy this series.

The Rest:
Mind MGMT #15 - Matt Kindt's brilliant work on this series continues.  This issue was very revealing to the past of Henry Lyme and Meru.  It was poetic, simple, and wonderful.  We learn that Lyme is the master of all of the Mind MGMT techniques and could easily kill the immortals.  Haunted by his past, he doesn't see the point.  Can't say enough about this series and the love that Kindt pours into it.

The Powerpuff Girls #1 - This fun title from IDW was a pure joy to read.  It harkens back to the hey day of the Powerpuff Girls with witty one-liners and over-the-top action.  This issue pokes fun at the recycled schemes that Mojo Jojo attempts without success and the psychological toll it must take on the monkey.  Good fun and a nice twist to distinguish it from reading like an episode of the show.  I will be on board for issue 2.

Sex Criminals #1 - Matt Fraction is one of the most unique authors in the business who can't be criticized for his creativity.  Suzie is a girl with no one to turn to when it comes to questions about sex.  Her orgasms appear to freeze time in a glorious display of lights and glowing colors.  Unable to figure out if this is normal or not, she seeks answers in the wrong places.  She ultimately meets her match in Jon.  Jon also has this ability and it appears that the two of them are going to use their time stopping "powers" to aid in burglaries, etc.  Nice mix of humor, sex, and intrigue.