Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Morning Superhero

If you haven't jumped on either the Saga or the Scott Snyder bandwagon then I don't know if I can really consider you a friend.  I am a small voice out of many that have championed both dynamic duos who have crafted such lovely tales.  Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples for Saga and Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo for Batman.  Happy Thursday everyone.

Pick of the Week: Saga #9 by Brian K. Vaughan
In an issue that doesn't feature Marko or Alana, Vaughan added layers of depth to his world and some key characters that will most likely prove to be quite important as this tale of star crossed lovers continues to unfold.

I for one was quite pleased that this issue focused primarily on The Will and his moral obligation he feels to save the sex slave from Sextillion.  A character who started out as a freelance bounty hunter with a cat that is a walking lie detector, The Will has transformed throughout this series to be an increasingly complex character.  He growth continued in this issue as he deals with heartbreak, and his conflict with his moral code and what he does.

The Will partners with an unlikely partner, Marko's ex-fiance Gwendolyn, and the two quickly realize that despite their differences, it will be mutually beneficial for them to team up.  In what made both The Will and me incredibly happy, the slave girl was freed from the arm of Sextillion and is in the custody of The Will and Gwendolyn.

I am going to stop there in hopes that I don't spoil too much and you finally cave and pick up this book that I and many others have been urging you to do so.  Fiona Staples remains one of my favorite artists and I am tempted to rip out and frame any panel featuring The Stalk.  The combination of Vaughan's characters and the ability for Staples to be both whimsical and incredibly violent in the same panel has this book poised to be remembered fondly for years to come.

Runner-up: Batman #16 by Scott Snyder
If you were wondering how Scott Snyder would follow up the amazing Court of Owls arc, rest assured that the Death of the Family arc is equally as stunning and shocking.  While I love Snyder, he is often outdone by the art from Greg Capullo.  His take on the Dark Knight sets a tone for the book that is dark, but human.  It has a certain realism to it and his ability to show tortured expressions is uncanny.  Capullo's Joker is one of the most terrifying villains that have ever been inked.

In this issue Batman is still coming to grips with the events that concluded issue #15 and is pursuing Joker who has taken over Arkham.  Joker is a sick, sadistic individual who has laid down quite the gauntlet for Batman.

The lengths that Joker goes to in order to torment Batman are present throughout this issue and we are once again reminded why he is Batman's primary foe.  In an issue that features the majority of the main Batman villains, we are left with and unconscious Batman with a mysterious dish placed on his lap.  It doesn't look well for Batman, but that is typically the case throughout 90% of Snyder's run.

The rest:
Hoax Hunters #6 - This is only the second issue of Hoax Hunters that I have read but the concept of using a reality show to debunk urban legends that Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley created is not only fun, but is growing as it develops its cast of characters more with each issue.  A slow start to this book, but an ending that is horrifying and will have me back next month.

Daredevil #22 - Superior Spider-man makes an appearance and Matt Murdock suspects something is off with Spidey.  Mark Waid brings back Stiltman for the second time in his run, but it looks like some of Doc Oc's old pals are selling off his goods as Stiltman was quite upgraded.  Felt more like a standalone issue, but a fun one at that.

Captain America #3 - It pains me to say that I can't get on board with Rick Remender's Captain America.  Cap is one of my all time favorites, but what is happening in Dimension Z with the Phrox just does nothing for me.  Some interesting twists, but I will wait for Steve to return to his own dimension.