Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thursday Morning Superhero

Yesterday was Poe Dameron Day and I hope your feed was as full of dreamy animated .gifs.  The dreamboat Oscar Isaac warmed our hears as the "best pilot in the galaxy" in The Force Awakens and due to the demand of fans, he was gifted his own ongoing series.  While other fans might not be as impressed with his ska resume as I am, he is clearly a fan favorite who rightly deserved his own series.  Brought to us by the creative team of Charles Soule, Phil Noto, and Joe Caramagna, it is sure to satisfy us fans clamoring for more Poe.

Pick of the Week:
Empress #1 - Mark Millar pulled off the Poe Dameron upset.  Despite it being his own day, Poe was out shined by this Mad Max-esque tale of a wife fleeing her tyrannical husband in a desperate attempt at freedom.  Featuring one of the ballsiest escape plans ever, she is able to escape the planet for now.  The pedal was to the metal in this new series that is brought to live with absolutely beautiful visuals courtesy of Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger, and Ive Svorcina.  I'm assuming that there is already a negotiation for the movie rights to this one and Millar has another surefire hit on his hands.  Go read this now!!!

The Rest:
Poe Dameron #1 - The hunky pilot did not disappoint in his debut issue, which is a prequel to the events that unfold in The Force Awakens.  While not a lot happened in this first issue, it was filled with the humor that we expect from Poe and told us how he began to track down information on the location of Luke Skywalker.  It sets the stage to really dig deeper into the characters of the Black Squadron, who were mere blips in the movie.  The bonus BB-8 story from Chris Eliopoulos and Jordie Bellaire was the icing on the cake.  Must read material for fans of The Force Awakens.

The Fix #1 - Nick Spencer, Steve Lieber, Ryan Hill, and Nic Shaw just dropped a hilarious tale about criminals who are failing to keep up with the times.  Featuring dialogue and characters you might see in an older Tarantino flick, The Fix features an entertaining mix of corrupt cops just trying to make ends meet in a digital world.  The heist that kicks off this issue, an old folks home in a paltry score that almost gets them killed.  This is a really fun book that, if you don't mind some vulgar comedy, is a must read.  Very interesting cast of characters, which given Spencer's cast in Morning Glories should be rock solid, well written dialogue, and an interesting premise set up another hit for Image Comics.  Good stuff.

Old Man Logan #4 - I must admit that I have been really enjoying Jeff Lemire's take on this story, and this was the best issue to date.  The confrontation between him, Captain America, and Hawkeye is truly epic and demonstrates how deep their friendship truly is.  I am in the process of rereading Civil War in preparation for the movie, and appreciate the bond that these two gentlemen have.  I won't spoil anything, but the payoff in this episode is truly worth waiting for and I am excited to see where Lemire takes Logan next and I wonder if he ever will save his family and make it back home.

The Walking Dead #153 - You just can't trust Negan.  You think we would have learned by now.  You can't even keep him alive.  For someone that evil, you just need to sink to his level and kill him.  What have you done Rick?  He might be without Lucille, but you know he will get her back and is still very dangerous without her.  Rick may not be the perfect leader and may have made mistakes in the past, but I fear his people are about to pay for his biggest mistake.  Negan may have let fans down in the season finale, although from what I read it sounded like a great cliffhanger, but he is loose and we should all be terrified.  I fear we are about to enter a new chapter in this series.

POSTED BY MIKE N. aka Victor Domashev -- comic guy, proudly raising nerdy kids, and Nerds of a Feather contributor since 2012.