Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Morning Superhero

Marvel Now! Point One launched yet Hawkeye managed to steal its thunder this week and Sixth Gun and Walking Dead continue to dazzle.  I say it week after week, but it truly is a good time to be reading comics.  Without further ado here is this week’s Thursday Morning Superhero.  As always, hit me up at @newhousebailey with any comments or suggestions.

Pick of the Week:
Hawkeye #3 – Yeah Bro, if you are looking for a book that is simply a pleasure to read, filled with top-notch action sequences, humor, and is just plain fun to read then you need to be reading Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye.  The premise for this issue is that Clint Barton has done nine stupid things today.  He takes you through them, not in sequential order, while the final chase scene is taking place.  Throughout the day you learn about his trick arrows (putty arrow, boomerang arrow, net arrow, etc.), his attempt to get organized, and his current tryst.   This issue makes a great one-shot that is just flat out entertaining.  You will not be disappointed to picked this one up. Bro.

Sixth Gun #26 – Hot off of a new deal with NBC, the Sixth Gun continues to deliver.  Drake and Becky attempt to take on the Wendigo, the creature that has them trapped in a mysterious snow storm and Gord, Kirby and the mummy Asher pursue the two for their own personal reasons.  The Sword of Abraham complicates things for the trio in pursuit of the gun and we learn from a flashback the type of devious creature the Wendigo truly is.  Cullen Bunn continues to deliver in one of the best books on the market today.

The Not as Good:
Marvel Zombies Halloween #1 – The original Marvel Zombies was an enjoyable concept mixed with humor and gore.  It was light, and an interesting twist to the Marvel Universe.  At this point the series feels like a gimmick that has stopped working.  While not terrible and without merit, I just don’t think we need to continue to go down this road.

The Rest:
The Walking Dead #103 – In what was an incredibly strong week for comics, this issue was just edged out of the top 2.  We finally meet the devious Negan and his bat Lucille and Rick begins his plan of pretending to throw in the towel with the Saviors to save everyone and learn their secrets.  Not the most exciting issue to date, but Kirkman is still putting out a phenomenal book and this issue featured the best final line in a comic for the week.

Marvel Now! Point One – Marvel’s latest attempt to draw in new readers featured a preview issue that introduces readers to some new titles on the horizon.  Of the six titles previewed in this issue, I am most intrigued by FF featuring Ant Man, Young Avengers and Cable and X-Force.  From what this book lays out, Marvel has some promising titles on the horizon.

Daredevil #19 – Foggy is still convinced that Daredevil isn’t right in the head so he finally seeks some help.  We learn that someone is causing Murdock to have the hallucinations that have severed his relationship with Foggy.  Foggy spills the beans to Kirsten McDuffie about Matt’s instability, and she has no choice but to use her resources to bring Murdock in.  On top of that, Daredevil realizes who is the culprit behind everything and seeks to stop him.   We learn that the Spot is back and has Daredevil in a rather compromising position at the conclusion of this issue.  Waid continues to demonstrate why he won the Eisner for this series.

Lookouts #2 – Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade continue their new comic with the second tale about a boy scout like tribe set in a fantasy world.  The humor and art have a very Penny Arcade feel which isn’t a bad thing.  The comic is light, humorous and may provide some depth later on.  Not my favorite book out there, but one that I enjoyed.

Peanuts #3 – When Kaboom! got the Peanuts license I was pretty excited.  Their Muppets is one of my favorites for kids and they have captured the spirit of the Charlie Brown I grew up with.  Lucy is still bossy, Linus is still four steps ahead of everyone else and Charlie Brown is still a loveable blockhead.  If you are a Peanuts fan you will enjoy this book.

What I should have read:
Saucer Country #8 – @Kristroffrable turned me on to this series, but sadly I haven’t started it yet. I picked up the first two issues on ComiXology and plan to read it, but haven’t started this tale of a presidential candidate with claims of alien abduction.  A new story arc begins this week in what, I have been told, is a great book.

Chew #29 – I decided to move to trades with Chew and should have probably stuck with single issues.  John Layman has introduced comic readers to an incredible world that everyone should read.  This week’s issue starts to conclude the Space Cakes story arc as this series begins to reach its final conclusion.