Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Morning Superhero

The two big publishers both dropped bombs on comic readers this week.  DC launched its Death in the Family crossover event and Marvel began its post Avengers vs. X-men with multiple titles, including the belle of the ball, the Uncanny Avengers.   My LCS had a small launch party for Uncanny Avengers but it wasn’t enough to propel it into the top 2 of the week.  Enjoy this week’s installment of Thursday Morning Superhero and drop me a line at @newhousebailey.

Pick of the Week:

Punk Rock Jesus #4 – Yet again this gem from Sean Murphy is my pick of the week.  This issue is rife with tragedy, but we see Jesus embrace rebellion and truly become the Punk Rock Jesus the title has been implying.  At times I felt that Murphy was a little preachy (get it?), but the gritty, black and white art invokes empathy with this tragic figure created by TV executives and his struggles.   Seeing Jesus grow emotionally and begin to be inspired and inspire others was very satisfying as a reader.  The ultraviolence is this in this issue as we learn more about Thomas and his IRA past and in a memorable scene in which Gwen attempts to rescue her son.   Murphy delivers on his ability to blend action, drama, and humor in what has been a delight to read.  My only complaint is that there are only two issues left.

Batman #13 – The death in the family story line begins with the return of the Joker.  Scott Snyder continues his brilliant run at guiding the Batman ship.  Joker returns to the Gotham City Police Department to steal his face back and continue his assault on Gotham and ultimately Batman.  With over a year since anyone in Gotham has seen Joker, even Harley Quinn is concerned with how he is acting.  I won’t spoil the cliffhanger, but it is going to be hard to wait until issue #14 to see what transpires next.  Clearly the best DC title on the market today.

The Not as Good:
MacGyver #1 – When I saw that MacGyver was back, in comic form, I was stoked.  MacGyver dazzled me as a kid with his ability to create a bomb out of endless combinations of 3 or 4 items.  The book begins with a mysterious email from an old college professor who is in need of help from the Phoenix Foundation and MacGyver.  From there a pretty ho-hum tale about a seed that grows in saltwater, corporations wanting to profit instead of ending world hunger, and with MacGyver probably saving the day, I will have to miss on issues 2-5.  I was hopeful, but disappointed.  If they want me back on the series I want a photo variant cover featuring Richard Dean Anderson.  Issue 2 really needs a Jack Dalton cameo as well.

The Rest:
Uncanny Avengers #1 – The aftermath of the Avengers vs. X-men begins with the formation of the Uncanny Avengers.  In a book that featured the funeral of Charles Xavier and the emergence of Red Skull seeking to wipe out the mutant race, it seems that this series may make up for the lackluster Avengers vs. X-men event.

Morning Glories #22 – Oh what a complicated tale Nick Spencer can weave.  I wonder if he has binders and binders full of the backstory of all of the characters at Morning Glory Academy.  When you think he can’t push you further as a reader, he introduces time travel into the series and a major character is shot.  I need to go back and reread to keep everything in line, but it is an enjoyable read so I am happy to.  

What I should have read:
Transfusion #1 – IDW released a new series this week about a dystopian future in which both robots and vampires need human blood for survival.   It follows the remaining humans and their struggle to reclaim normalcy.  Intriguing plot + good initial reviews = my weekend read.

Hoax Hunters #4 – The Hoax Hunters discover real life monsters and such and then convince the world they are a hoax.  Not a bad premise, but nothing I was too interested in.  Turns out the book is a lot of fun with likable characters and good action.  It has been well reviewed from the get go, but from what I read about the conclusion of its first arc I will have to check it out.