Friday, May 6, 2016

Nerd Music: Weekend Mixtape, Movie Soundtrack Edition

Summer is here, and with it, summer blockbusters. For this weeks mixtape, I went back through soundtracks to find the six* best songs from nerdy/geeky movies. I only accept songs that first appear on a soundtrack - which means Change (in the House of Flies), by the Deftones gets left off, even though it was on every damn soundtrack in 2000. However there are some great songs here, some from very bad movies (quick disclaimer: my taste skews pretty heavy, so I am sure I left off your favorites. Feel free to drop your contributions in the comments!):

No Shelter, Rage Against the Machine, Godzilla (1998): Remember how awful this movie was? But the soundtrack was... pretty good. It included a terrible remix of Brain Stew, with Godzilla shrieking in it, and a Jimmy Page/Puff Daddy... song(?) that I actually like way more than I should. Strong offerings from Ben Folds Five and Wallflowers as well, but No Shelter is one of the best Rage songs ever.

Metro, System of a Down, Dracula 2000 (2000): My favorite song on this list, and one of the best covers of all time. The rest of the soundtrack is so-so, but put Metro on repeat. Also... was this movie any good? I honestly don't remember.

Historia Calamitatum, Rise Against, Punisher: War Zone (2008): Vastly underrated movie, and doomed to remain there with Daredevil and Punisher being awesome on Netflix. Soild soundtrack, though, if you're in the mood to rock out.

This is Halloween, Marylin Manson, The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993): Probably the best movie, and overall soundtrack, on this list. Maaaaybe this song shouldn't technically be on here, since it is a cover of the song from the movie, but... this song was MADE for Marylin Manson, so I'll take it.

*Take a Look Around, Limp Bizkit/Scum of the Earth, Rob Zombie, Mission: Impossible 2 (2000)  I know, I know, Limp Bizkit. But Still. This whole soundtrack is great - with I Disappear by Metallica, Butthole Surfers, Foo Fighters covering Pink Floyd... It's so 2000, and so great, and don't you dare say otherwise.

Your Soul is Mine, Mushroomhead, Saw VI, (2009): I despise the Saw movies with my entire being, but I love Mushroomhead, so... Here it is. A pleasantly creepy song to close this list out.