Wednesday, October 15, 2014

AiIP: The Venturess

It seems like forever ago I started working on 3024AD. When I did, I was working on a novel- epic space opera, with zero G battles, gritty wars, grim locales and tragic romance- and one of the things I realized about my writing (which I detest in others) is that word count was astronomical. I like detail as much as the next reader, but I am not a fan of, say George R.R. Martin's level of exposition. To me, it gets weary.

So, alongside the novel, I started writing short stories, challenging myself to be precise in my wording, to make each sentence, each word have gravity. Then, partially in an effort to simply get over my own fear of having other people read my work (OMG), I started posting them on a blog.

And people liked them. A lot. Soon, I was focusing on shorts nearly exclusively, a coherent story forming itself (Stories, as it would turn out). So I collected them, and published them.

To me, for all the headaches, that is the glory of indie published. You can do whatever the hell you want. Imagine pitching that to an agent, an editor or the like (I do all the time).

Me: It's a scifi short story collection.

Publisher: There are literally a million of those.

Me: These all are set in the same universe, though.

Pub: So it's a novel.

Me: No, some of the stories aren't directly connected.

Pub: ...does it have white people kissing?

Me: (spoiler) It has a Spanish princess dying in the arms of her lover.

Door: SLAM

Maybe it would go better than that, but that's pretty much how I envision it going down. The publishing industry, like most which fall into that vein, is notoriously risk-averse. Indie publishing gives you the freedom to put something out there that they probably won't even touch. Sometimes something that is completely impossible for them.

With that in mind, I'd like to introduce you to a brand-new project: The Venturess.

Graphic designer, I am not
The Venturess, simply put, is a SciFi choose-your-own adventure. Except instead of buying a book, and turning to page 135, every other Friday, a new story is posted. At the end of that story is a poll where you vote on what happens next. The voting is open for a week, at which point, votes are tabulated, bribes are taken and the next story is written. It is totally, 100% free (although I will probably add a Patreon or donation thing if people really dig it), and I am beyond excited to get going on this.

What's the premise of it, you ask? I'm so glad you did. The Venturess is a delivery ship, presently with a crew of three. Sometimes the deliveries are for legitimate concerns, more often they are not. It takes place in an undetermined future, in a universe populated with all manner of alien races.Humans are in the vast minority, and not looked on with the favor common in a lot of science fiction.

Laurie Mack is the owner and captain of the ship. Serious, though not as serious as she often appears. She is brave and calculated, a businesswoman, yet a misfit in her own right- hence owning a ship and venturing on her own.

Chip is her pilot. Young and brash, he is a brilliant pilot. Happy-go-lucky and cheerful no matter the situation, and loyal to a fault.

Scorch is an automaton, brought on for loading and moving cargo, there is a quiet wisdom to him. While intended to simply fill labor roles, he has become a valuable member of the crew.

Those are the very basics. The first installment is up now. Read it, vote on it, and please spread the word!

Welcome aboard.


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