Sunday, April 22, 2012

About Micro Review Scores

Now that we've had a few micro reviews, it's probably about time we discussed what all these numbers mean.  Unlike many other review outlets, here at we emphatically reject grade inflation. 10s are given out infrequently, and are reserved for cultural products of extraordinary value, personal resonance with our reviewers and a clear timelessness.  9s will be more common, but still don't expect too many of them.  Anything from 6 on up is worth a look; anything below 5 is suspect.  Here's a more detailed breakdown:

10: mind-blowing/life-changing
9: very high quality/standout in its category
8: well worth your time and attention
7: a mostly enjoyable experience
6: still enjoyable, but the flaws are hard to ignore
5: equal parts good and bad
4: problematic, but has redeeming qualities
3: very little good I can say about this
2: just bad
1: really really bad
0: prosecutable as crime against humanity