Tuesday, April 17, 2012

8-bit Remix Jam!

Ever feel nostalgic for the NES?  I often do.  Okay, maybe not the inevitable part where you die after  4 straight hours of red-eyed concentration, only to be forced to start over from the very beginning (I'm looking at you, Rygar).

So yeah, given that you no longer have to feel this specific form of violence-inducing frustration, it's fair to say that today's games are just better in almost every way. But the music...the music!  I still fire up the theme from Metroid or Contra on a regular basis.  Timeless classics.

Of course, as awesome as the roboswing from Super Mario Bros. 2 is, it's not quite up to par with the 10 hour soundtrack for Skryim, a compelling hybrid of Wagner and Prokofiev.  But this is a rare beast, and when facing the majority of trite, action-tastic video game soundtracks, I often find myself longing for the forced minimalism and peppy 'tude of the 8-bit wonders.

Thankfully, some enterprising young fellows have interpreted modern gaming's best theme songs through the sonic lens of the Nintendo Entertainment System.  I think you'll agree these are all TREMENDOUS:

1. Skyrim - Dovahkiin.

Arguably the best video game theme song EVAR, Skyrim's main title gets an epic 8-bit treatment here.  Access the lyrics and sing along like a super-dork.  (You know you want to.)

2. Halo - Opening Suite

Doesn't that just make you want to kill a bunch of covenant, side-scrolling style?  (Wait, you can actually do that!)

3. Deus Ex - Main Theme

Feeling paranoid yet?