Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thursday Morning Superhero

Black Panther comes out tonight at midnight and from what I have been reading we should all go see it immediately. My schedule will permit me to view this film on Monday so I would appreciate you all remaining spoiler free on social media.  I'm looking at you, Carl! In addition to being critically acclaimed and projected to break some box office records, it brings joy to my heart that we have a movie with a nearly all-black cast that is getting this much hype and is already being celebrated world wide. Go see Black Panther this weekend. In fact, see it twice!

Pick of the Week:
Babyteeth #8 - Woah.  Donny Cates brought the heat (literally at one point) in the latest issue of his comic that chronicles the lives of Sadie and her newborn Clark. Something is a bit off with Clark, most notably his thirst for his mother's blood. It turns out that he might be the Antichrist and there are various groups that have a vested interest in his life. We recently met Sadie's mother, and in this issue she tells her about her ancestry and why Clark is important in opening the gate between our realm and the devil's.  There are some other amazing tidbits that Cates teaches us about Sadie's mother that I won't get into due to spoilers.  While Sadie's mother is currently holding her and Clark in a safe house, Sadie's father and sister will stop at nothing to save her and Clark, despite the efforts of the demon-ish Dancy and a fire-breathing demon raccoon type animal. Cates provides comic relief in an effective manner and this remains one of my favorite books currently in print.

The Rest:
Kick-Ass #1 - Kick-Ass is back and a brand new Hit-Girl is just around the corner. While I was initially skeptical of another iteration of this Mark Millar creation, the identity and background of the person behind the mask is one that is needed in comics. Even though it is a spoiler, the new individual behind the mask is Patience, a veteran who was a war hero in Afghanistan, an African-American, and a single mom. We quickly learn what an amazing woman she is and I look forward to how her identity shapes the direction of the character. This explosive debut issue features the ultra-violence that is associated with the series and is a lot of fun. I am very curious to see what plans Millar has for this character and look forward to seeing where her journey leads.

Darth Vader #11 - Now that Vader has the list of force sensitive children, he is on a mission to eliminate them.  Joined by The Ninth Sister, a former Jedi turned Inquisitor, Vader is investigating a force sensitive incident that was reported on Cabarria. We quickly learn that there is a group of bounty hunters that are targeting Vader. A highly entertaining issue that sees the destruction of Vader's lightsaber and an exciting flying vehicle chase. A great start to a new arc that seeks the answer of who set Vader up?

POSTED BY MIKE N. aka Victor Domashev -- comic guy, proudly raising nerdy kids, and Nerds of a Feather contributor since 2012.