Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer Reading List 2017: Chloe

I always long for the reading days of summer. During the school year, I mostly read student papers, journal articles, and get my “fun” reading in with online literary journals and the occasional full book. My plans for most summers are to read at least 100 books for pleasure, alongside rereads of old favorites. This summer, though, I’ve been extra busy and have also been designing a new syllabus, reading research books for a novel, and readings a bunch of books on pedagogy and multimodal communication/composition. So, I’ve cut my planned pleasure reads down to 60 and only a few rereads. *cue sad harp music here* So, I’m trying to capitalize on less books by instead having an even wider array of books than usual. Here are six of yet to be read pile (I’ve only read 35 of 60 so far, so I best get on it).

Image result for the book of joanThe Book of Joan by Lidia Yukanivitch. Sci-fi: check. Language and politics: check. Interesting take on gender: check. This book ticks all my boxes, so hopefully it’ll live up the praise it’s been getting from literally everyone.

Image result for october china mievilleOctober by: China Mieville. One of my favorite sff writers takes on non-fiction with this account of the Russian revolution.

Image result for wonderbookWonderbook by Jeff Vandermeer. These writing prompts, essays on writing, and fun illustrations serve two purposes (research for my syllabus and reading for pleasure because ILLUSTRATIONS).

Image result for globalecticsGlobalectics by Ngugi wa Thiong ‘o. One of my favorite authors (seriously, everyone, please read Wizard of the Crow) writing about the issues that have always been prevalent in his books: the politics of language and translation, oral storytelling versus written, and national vs world literature.

Image result for the kissing booth girlThe Kissing Booth Girl and Other Stories by AC Wise. I love Wise’s work and her generosity to her characters and humanity. The few stories from here, I’ve read so far, have been delights.

Image result for the magpie murdersThe Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz. I love a mystery and I also love some of the mystery shows Horowitz has written for (primarily Foyle’s War which is a favorite of mine).

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