Thursday, April 27, 2017

International TableTop Day 2017

This Saturday is one of the greatest holidays in the history of the universe.  Of course I am talking about International TableTop Day!  Not only is it a great excuse to play some games, but you can score some sweet promo items by playing games at a participating store.  I don't know if my FLGS is officially participating this year, but it won't stop me from playing games all day long.  When you approach something as big as International TableTop Day, you need a plan of attack so you can properly sustain yourself playing games all day long.  With two young kids at home, I can't embark on an epic game of Twilight Imperium and must come up with a specific game plan.  Below I will share my schedule for a full day of gaming fun.

Morning Games:
As we start our day of gaming, I want to make sure that everyone in my family is on the same page.  I don't want to see one of my kids start off the day with a bad loss and have it sour their entire day of gaming.  To start things off on the right foot, we are going to open the day with some light, cooperative games that will either result in a thrilling win or a team loss, which is much easier for a 7 and 9 year old to deal with.  My guess is we will start our day off with a quick game of Castle Panic, followed up with Carrotia and then wrap up the morning session with Forbidden Desert.

Midday Games:
After kicking things off as a team, a little healthy competition is in store.  Since we aren't even to the half-way point, I find it is good to play some lighter games that are fun for the whole family and a breeze to play.  Making the transition from co-op into competitive games, titles like Sushi Go, Unspeakable Words, and Cat Tower till find their way to our table.  Nothing too serious, but a nice appetizer before sinking our teeth into some more challenging games.

Pre-dinner Games:
At this point in the day my daughter will likely be gamed out and will play with toys while the rest of us pursue slightly more complicated games.  Prior to the kids going to bed and prior to the hardcore gamers arriving, I find that the early evening lends itself to gateway games.  Those games that you use to lure non-gamers over to the darkside of tabletop gaming.  My current gateway games of choice include Machi Koro, Splendor, and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle.

Post-dinner Games:
Now that we've had a solid dinner and the kids are getting ready for bed, it is time to get a bit more serious and break out some of the heavier games.  My gaming crew doesn't play anything too heavy, but we definitely enjoy some of the more strategic offerings without the distraction of the kids.  For this time in the evening I find our group playing titles like Istanbul, Mystic Vale, and Stone Age.

Late night fun:
With the end of the day racing to a close and your brain cells hurting from thinking strategically, a good party game is a great way to take the edge off and finish the night with a laugh.  This is also a good way to bring in some of your friends who are checking out TableTop day but aren't too keen on learning anything complicated.  Secret Hitler, Sheriff of Nottingham, and Coup have been gracing our party table lately with great success.

Even if you stick to the roll and move games from your youth, play abstract games like chess, or go the role playing route, make sure that your Saturday is filled with plenty of games and happy gaming to you all!  May the dice rolls be ever in your favor!!

POSTED BY MIKE N. aka Victor Domashev -- comic guy, proudly raising nerdy kids, and Nerds of a Feather contributor since 2012.