Friday, November 13, 2015

STF: Finding Serenity

It's often hard to cope when a life is cut tragically short. Of course, none of us want it to happen at any point, but after a long run, we can often nod once youth and beauty have faded, look at a frail shadow of what once was and say "its time". Not so when they are taken in their prime- we look at all the energy and potential and forever dream of what might have been.

I am, of course, talking about Firefly.

To say I miss Firefly is nothing special. I was one of the eight or so people who watched it while it was on TV (SciFi being one of the few things my dad and I agree on, so we watched anything SF we could together). They were amazing and special, even with Fox doing their best to ruin them.

Turns out the fans aren't the only ones who miss it. Finding Serenity is a collection of essays edited by the incomparable Jane Espenson (writer, Buffy, Once Upon a Time- she chimes in with fantastic insights and anecdotes about Firefly and Joss).

The essays cover a variety of topics, from the significance of facial hair in firefly (which will completely change the show for you) to existentialist, examining the meanings and concepts Joss explores in the show to the use of race in the Firefly universe.

Finding Serenity is a fantastic piece for this Stranger Than Fiction, because it encapsulates everything about Firefly- the cast, crew, production as well as the characters, concepts and meanings. It is fantastic in manifold ways, and is a must-read for Browncoats.


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