Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Morning Superhero: Gen Con Edition

As you read this I will be either adventuring on the exhibition floor or playing in a ticketed event as I embark on my second Gen Con experience.  Last year was an absolute blast and, with one year under my belt, I feel better prepared to take advantage of all the Gen Con has for us gamers.  For my second dance I will be competing in a Munckin tournament, a Doomtown: Reloaded tournament, and am going to be one of the lucky few playing the Cones of Dunshire of Parks and Rec fame.  Throw in fighting the crowds to pick up exclusives, demo upcoming titles, and bringing home loot for the family, and it is going to be a great four days of gaming.  Today I am going to present the top five games that I am most excited about getting my grubby paws on.  Not all of them are releasing at Gen Con, but I will be able to play them and am looking forward to seeing if they are as good as I hope.  They are presented in no particular order.

1.  Machi Koro from IDW Games and Pandasaurus Games - Machi Koro sounds like it is going to be a streamlined, Catan-style game, that can be played from start to finish in 30 minutes.  In the game, players are assuming the role of a newly appointed mayor who is seeking to upgrade the town to keep the citizens happy.  This is done through the construction of building and dice rolling.  What is intriguing to me is that you are collecting only one resource, money, and that later in the game you can focus on buildings that would require you to roll two dice or only one.  It looks as if it is going to be one of those rare games that is both simple and complex at the same time.  The amazing art doesn't hurt either.

2.  King of New York from Iello - King of Tokyo is possibly my favorite game that currently resides on my gaming shelf.  It is incredibly easy to learn, difficult to master, and combines enough strategy and luck that it is fun for all involved.  When I am introducing a new friend to gaming it is one of the gateway games that I turn to.  King of New York adds new monsters, new abilities, and allows the monsters to invade one of multiple Burroughs in the Big Apple.  I am going to start my Con this year by rushing with the masses to the Iello booth to see the press event and hopefully purchase a copy of my very own.

3. The Battle at Kemble's Cascade by Z-Man Games- They actually found a way to create a tabletop version of a classic arcade shooter.  I want to say more, but the trailer has more impact than anything I can say here.

4. Sheriff of Nottingham by Arcane Wonders - The first title in its Dice Towers Essentials line, the Sheriff of Nottingham seems like it will be loads of fun.  Lately games that are more social and involve bluffing have found the way to our gaming table.  When we have enough people we always break out The Resistance and have been playing a ton of Coup.  Sheriff of Nottingham seems to up the ante on bluffing games as you attempt to smuggle in goods into Nottingham by either bluffing or bribing the Sheriff.  What I am most intrigued by is the fact that the role of the Sheriff changes as the game is played.  Sounds like a lot of fun as players lie, cheat, and bribe their way past the Sheriff.

5.  Samurai Spirit by Funforge Games - All I needed to know about this one is that it is a cooperative samurai game designed by Antoine Bauza.  Can you and your fellow samurai defend the village from the invading bandits?  The more you fight the quicker you unlock your beast abilities, but there is always a cost associated with your choices.  With a competitive 7-year old gamer at home, I am always looking for more co-op games to play with him.  Samurai that turn into beasts sounds right up his alley.

POSTED BY MIKE N. -- comic guy, proudly raising nerdy kids, and Nerds of a Feather contributor since 2012.