Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thursday Morning Superhero

I don't have a witty opening and am feeling a bit out of what is happening with the comic book scene.  The trouble with being a father of two is that sometimes, especially during a holiday weekend, you get caught up in other things and spend all week playing catch up.  At least I got to read some comics today.

Pick of the Week:
Nailbiter #25 - The stunning conclusion of the Bound in Blood arc reached its horrifying end and exceeded my expectations.  Alice was taken beneath the school by butcher in black.  The curtain is pulled back a bit on the mystery of Buckaroo, Oregon, but many questions remain.  Alice learns the secret and is subjected to a test, but isn't telling anyone.  In a surreal moment, in her reunion with her dad, you have pictures of a happy family being reunited and easily forget that her dad is a serial killer.  In a series that was not expected to surpass five issues, I am happy that sales have been high enough to allow this story to develop.  We still don't know who the master is and there is a lot left to learn about Buckaroo.  Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson have done an amazing job creating this horrific world.  Given the recent success of television adaptations of comic books, I could easily see this series having success on the small screen.

The Rest:
Tsum Tsum #2 - It is a bit weird reviewing a comic based on a series of collectible plushes that look like hot dogs with faces, but at the end of the day we have an enjoyable all-ages comic book that has a high cuteness factor and is quite a bit of fun.  While it isn't boasting a particularly deep story, you do have a group of kids trying to do good with an army of Tsum Tsums contrasted with a villain using them for evil.  Definitely not for the adult reader, but if you are looking to introduce some younger folk into the magical world of Marvel comics this is a great gateway title.

Batman #6 - The aftermath of Hank's death is impacting Gotham Girl worse than expected and Batman has to try to help her deal with the grief she is experiencing.  In an oddly powerful issue, Gotham Girl speaks to Hank throughout this book as she attempts to cope.  Batman pulls her in and empathizes with her in an attempt to help her through the process.  It is a touching issue and one that introduces who Batman will be taking on in the second arc from Tom King and crew.

The Walking Dead #158 - The second issue of "The Whisperer War" lived up to its title.  Right off the bat you are thrown into an epic battle between the various factions.  Negan is still trying to gain the trust of Gabriel, but he's Negan so why would anyone ever trust him.  Negan remains Negan and I have no idea how this is all going to shake out.  Part of me is thrilled with the high levels of action and part of me feels like it is time to wrap this series up.  As a longtime fan of the series it would be hard to see it go, but I feel it is approaching the time for Rick to kill Negan and for them to get to the bottom of the plague.

POSTED BY MIKE N. aka Victor Domashev -- comic guy, proudly raising nerdy kids, and Nerds of a Feather contributor since 2012.