Wednesday, October 7, 2015


We here at 'nerds of a feather, flock together' are inveterate tinkerers--part of our commitment to always keepin' it fresh... 

...and in that tradition, we are excited to announce a new review series: STRANGER THAN FICTION!

What's STRANGER THAN FICTION, you ask? The truth, of course! Or, at least, "stuff that happened and was then recorded and/or interpreted for your enlightenment and entertainment."

So yeah--we'll be reviewing nonfiction now. But not just any nonfiction, and not just any kind of review. Rather, we'll be looking at three things:

1. Nonfiction published in a medium we cover (e.g. comics, cult films).

2. Nonfiction about a medium or fictional genre we cover (e.g. books about the history of comics, about the making of cult films, or collections of essays about science fiction and fantasy).

3. Nonfiction that may illuminate, problematize or contextualize how we think about a medium or fictional genre we cover (e.g. books about medieval warfare, astrobiology, police procedures, etc.)

So look out for it, because stuff that happens is often STRANGER THAN FICTION!