Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Contributors Wanted!

Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together is looking for 1-2 awesome individuals to join our team of regular contributors!

Duties: posting approximately once every other week, though the exact number will fluctuate. We would like one or both contributors to focus on reviewing new science fiction and fantasy novels, as well as the occasional anthology or collection of short fiction. The second contributor could alternatively review crime/pulp fiction or mix book reviews with reviews of cult films, TV, comics, video games or commentary on geek culture. Must be active on twitter or willing to be active on twitter.

Benefits: free books and the potential for other free stuff, as well as joining a dynamic team of enthusiastic nerd bloggers.

Who we’re looking for: we want someone who writes well and doesn’t need to be copyedited. We’d like someone who appreciates our kind of humor, understands and is ready to abide by our established format and scoring system and otherwise “fits” with the institutional voice of the blog. We are particularly interested in female applicants, as well as applicants with interest in areas of SF/F that we don’t cover as completely as we could (e.g. contemporary/urban fantasy, hard SF, short fiction, etc.). But don’t be dissuaded from approaching us if you don’t fit neatly into either of those categories! 

Caveat: we know lots of you have awesome projects you want everyone to know about, but since these are regular contributor positions, we would like to emphasize that this would not be an appropriate forum to use for promoting that awesomeness (aside from your blogging awesomeness, of course). 

Process: send an email to telling us what you are interested in doing, why and how you see yourself fitting onto the NoaF team. Please also send a writing sample, which can be either embedded into the body of the email or links to published work. We will try to respond to everyone as quickly as possible. For those who appear to be the right "fit," depending on level of experience, we may ask for one or two guest post before solidifying the relationship.

We look forward to hearing from you!


NoaF Team