Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 Nerd Gift Guide: Mike

A print from Nakatomi Inc.: For the pop culture nerd
The fine folks at Nakatomi Inc. have numerous, fantastic, and well priced pop culture prints.  Tim Doyle me drinking the Nakatomi kool-aid as I am running out of room on my walls for his company's work.  My house currently has about six or seven of their prints on the wall, ranging from Yo Gabba Gabba! to Arrested Development to Super Mario Brothers.  Two of my favorite in-stock prints are featured below.  For a direct link to the store click here.

Tauntaun Hobby Horse: For the nerd parent
One of the greatest things about being a nerd parent is socializing your offspring into the nerd community.  Confession, my daughter is named Zelda and had a Harry Potter themed nursery.  She is almost three and already went through a huge Captain America phase and her older brother Henry is a whiz at the new Mario brothers game for the Wii U.  Sharing the nerdy love with your children is a tremendous thing and I can't think of a better product than the Tauntaun hobby horse.  It is even on sale right now!  Click here to get yours from Think Geek!

Zombies!!!: For the zombie/Walking Dead Nerd:
You and your friends are stuck in a zombie infested town and you need to survive long enough to reach the helicopter on the heliport square once it is played.  Each game will be different as you construct the town and place the zombies a little in each turn.  Be prepared to roll the dice as if your life depended on it, secure varying bonus items to assist you, and be ready to stick it to your friends if they are looking like they might reach the helicopter before you (it can only seat one!).  For a game that is simple yet complex at the same time, and loads of fun you can't go wrong.  Twilight Creations Inc.