Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 Nerd Gift Guide: Brad

Merry Christmas, fellow nerdlingers! I guess I'm going a bit off the pattern here, but I'm posting what I actually asked for this year. Don't worry, they're all nerd-approved gifts.

Wireless Router

Yes, I'm the last person in America who doesn't have wifi. Laugh it up. You see, when I first got my new tower a few years ago, I hooked it up to the HDTV in my living room. I had a wireless mouse and keyboard, so I could sit on my couch and surf the web in 50-inches of glorious high definition. And you thought your 27" monitor was big? Pffft. Anyway, since my Xbox and my computer were all part of my entertainment center, there was no need to spend $150 on multiple wireless antennae. Instead, I just got a wired router for forty bucks and was good to go. Unfortunately, since that time I've turned my second bedroom into an office and moved the PC back there. Since I still needed Internet access, I resorted to the picture below. I figured it was finally time to get rid of the "wire down the hallway" look and since I just got a new XBox with wifi included, I only have to drop half the scratch on an antenna for the CPU. 21st century, here I come!

Reason 6.5 Upgrade

I'm somewhat of an amateur musician. My father is an orchestra conductor, so of course I had to play an instrument growing up. From age 4 through college I played the violin and sang in several choirs. I break out the violin from time to time, but it's usually just for weddings and funerals these days. However, I still like to tinker with music production and Reason is some of the best software available for that activity. It's an all-in-one package that contains a sequencer, synths, drum machines, and effects processors. It's the best way I know of to get all the tools you need to produce music without dropping $20,000 on a studio. Sadly, my version 4.0 is pathetically out of date, so it's time for an upgrade! 

New Balance 990v3

Finally, I need some new kicks. I'm not the flashy Nike type. They're just too, I don't know, ostentatious. Reeboks have kind of fallen by the wayside since the good old days of the Pump (Remember those?). Adidas are cool, but their classic shell-toe is too thin for my fat feet. New Balance is the only shoe company that actually offers different widths (I'm an 11.5 2E). They're made right here in America and definitely have more nerd cred than any other athletic shoe. Not only that, but they're super-comfortable, like walking on thick carpet in socks. This will be my fourth pair of New Balance 99X (They went from 990-993 and have now returned to 990, for some reason). My current pair have a little hole in the right shoe and put off a bit of an odor when worn all day. I can't wait for some freshies!