Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Morning Superhero

If it is Thursday, then it is time for another installment of Thursday Morning Superhero.  This week saw the launch of the DC #0 line and a great one-shot from Bill Willingham’s Fairest.  In a rare week I only scooped one Marvel title and continued to enjoy Harvest, a title I picked up originally based on an interesting cover.

Pick of the Week:
Harvest #2 – I picked up the first issue of this book based on a cover that seemed interesting to cover in this blog.  I thoroughly enjoyed the first issue and A.J. Lieberman continues the story of Dr. Dane, discredited surgeon who is caught up in the world of underground organ transplants.  We learn much more about Dr. Dane in this issue and his pursuit of what is right.  Colin Lorimer really draws the reader into this dark world with some of the most breathtaking panels in print today.  What began as a comic purchased on face value has turned into one of my favorite series on the market today.  Really worth checking out.

Fairest #7 – Bill Willingham continues to take money from me.  The universe that he has created is rich with fresh takes on childhood favorites and he continues to develop the rich history that remains untold in Fables.  This issue, written by Matthew Sturgis, is a one-shot mystery featuring Beast and the devious Lamia. Using a film noir approach Sturgis tells the tale of Lamia and her pursuit by two competing detectives.  She has already killed once and will continue to do so unless she is stopped.  I would love to spoil a great reveal on a character in the Fables universe, but I will refrain myself.  Fans of Fables will gobble this story up but even to the unacquainted reader this one shot is quite enjoyable.  Well done Mr. Sturgis.

The Not as Good:
Batman Detective Comics #0 – While I enjoyed reading this book, it was a tale that I have read time and time again.  Does Batman really need any more details to his origin?  It was a fun read, but ultimately didn’t do anything for me.

The Rest:
The Phantom Stranger #0 – This was a blind buy and I quite enjoyed it.  The Phantom Stranger is a story of a man that is forced to atone for his sins to right the wrong of a friend he betrayed.  You see the birth of an interesting story and what could prove to be quite a good DC book.

Hawkeye #2 – Matt Fraction continues his unique take on Hawkeye and I am intrigued.  While Fraction’s Hawkeye doesn’t have me hooked, I have enjoyed his take and plan on continuing the ride.  This issue we meet Kate Bishop, a former Hawkeye stand-in, who I am looking forward to seeing more of.

What I missed:
Green Lantern #0 – It sounds like Geoff John’s stepped outside of the box and took the DC #0 promotion to look forward instead of a retelling of the past.  I like that he took a different approach to move the New 52 launch forward.

Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #3 – This book sounds like it is an acid trip into the psyche of Silk Spectre in a good way.  Darwyn Cooke is a masterful storyteller who brings us to a world where the acid trip wears off.  This may be one I go back and pick up.