Friday, May 25, 2012

Six Seasons of Lost, in Haiku Form

Season 1:

Plane crashed, now we're stuck,
On this weird desert island.
Scared by smoke monster.

Robbed at the Emmys

Season 2:

The Others took Walt,
But something's inside this hatch!
Now must push button...

Season 3:

The Others sure suck
Are they Dharma? It's not clear.
Don't trust Penny's boat.

Capture leads to malnutrition/cat grammar

Season 4:

Now scary mercs are here.
Let's just move the damn island.
Jack and others leave.

Season 5:

Okay, wait, what's this?
It's about time-travel now.
And Locke isn't Locke.

Evil Locke cavorts on beach

Season 6:

Let's tie the loose ends
Good versus evil, but wait...
Were they all dead the whole time?