Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beachfront Property on the Sea of Tranquility

En route to the Moon as we speak
Digitaltimes has an article today about how NASA wants commercial space ventures to respect the Apollo landing sites. That's well and good, but I think this is actually the big news:
“NASA recognizes that many spacefaring nations and commercial entities are on the verge of landing spacecraft on the moon,” the agency explained in a statement, adding that it had “engaged in a cooperative dialogue with the X Prize Foundation and the Google Lunar X Prize teams to develop the recommendations, and that all parties “share a common interest in preserving humanity’s first steps on another celestial body and protecting ongoing science from the potentially damaging effects of nearby landers.”
Wait...what? Last I heard, returning to the Moon was a crackpot idea Newt Gingrich floated during his failed presidntial campaign. Not that I'm against it...anything but; I just didn't realize it was serious and imminent enough for NASA to release this hefty, 93-page report expressing its concern that the coming Moon-rush not build casinos on historical sites.

Turns out, the X Prize people are on their way--and given the success commercial space ventures have had so far, I wouldn't doubt them. But for now, the ventures are distinctly robotic in nature.
Your potential new neighbor

Guess I can hold off on those beach house designs...for now.