Wednesday, March 15, 2023

New Contributors

We are excited to announce that Nerds of a Feather is growing. Today we welcome four new writers to the flock. You’ll be seeing much more from them in the coming weeks and months, but for now, here is a quick introduction to who they are and what they are about.

Chris Garcia? You mean the archivist, curator, film festival programmer, fanzine editor, professional wrestling enthusiast, painter, true crime writer, podcaster, and father of 2? The one from Boulder Creek, CA? The one that won the Hugo for Best Fanzine a couple of times? The guy with the hair? Oh, he's @johnnyeponymous on all the social media!

Haley Zapal is a lawyer-turned-copywriter who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She has no memory of watching Star Wars for the first time — it’s always been a part of her consciousness. By 12 she was immersed in the Expanded Universe and writing her first novella-length fanfic. As an adult, she enjoys movies and books about space, and pondering if the speed of light really is the universe’s speed limit. She does not like fantasy, mainly because of all the horses.

Clara Cohen lives in Scotland in a creaky old building with pipes for gas lighting still lurking under her floorboards. She is an experimental linguist by profession, and calligrapher and Islamic geometric artist by vocation. You can see her right hand on Season 8, episode 3, of Outlander, because they needed someone who could cut and wield a quill pen. During figure skating season she does blather on a bit about figure skating.

Alex Wallace is a history and science fiction nerd who reads far more than is probably healthy. He is a fan of alternate history, and has had four stories in that genre published. When not being that type of nerd, he is a devoted partaker of various partner dances.