Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Introducing...NERD MUSIC!

Yes, we are tinkering with the formula once again--only this time we are mixing our unidentified yellow liquids with our unidentified blue liquids to produce a new post series on music!

Artist's Rendering

Music, you say? What's nerdy about that? Oh, just about everything. But in keeping with our mission, we are going focus specifically on what you might call "nerd music"--that is to say, anything that relates, directly or thematically, with the nerdy stuff we already cover. Cult film soundtracks? Check. Video game music? Check! Science fiction or fantasy-themed music? You know it.

Note: this isn't a review series, per se. Rather, each post will profile an artist, record or style we think you'll want to know about it. And we'll embed links to streaming services that pay artists per play (and also include links for purchase) so you can check it all out for yourself with a minimum of hassle. Hope you're excited--I know I am!


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