Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Morning Superhero

After a brief hiatus we are back for another weekly recap in comics.  The buzz of San Diego Comic Con is still ringing loudly and there isn't a better time to be a fan of comics.  Check back later today for a list of top 3's related to the joy that is SDCC.  On to the books!

Pick of the Week:
Thumbprint #2 - Joe Hill's tale of a vet being haunted by her past continues on its dark and twisted path.  There is a lot more to Mal than meets the eye and someone knows about her checkered military past and is messing with her.  She is beginning to crack as she has know idea what skeleton from her closet has surfaced.  Hill really knows how to utilize the unknown to pique the readers interest and this tale is no different.  Really good, but disturbing book.

The Rest:
Mind MGMT #13 - One of my highlights at SDCC was saying hello to Matt Kindt, author of this fine series.  It was simply in passing and he was probably wondering who I was, but it was exciting for me to see an author who has written many great titles.  This week's Mind MGMT is a great jumping on point if aren't current.  It provides a nice recap of events and really sets the stage for Lyme vs. Eraser, but don't forget about Meru.  Man I love this series.

Hawkeye Annual #1 - Matt Fraction turns his attention to Kate Bishop for an issue and it is an absolute delight.  Bishop leaves Clint Barton and moves across the country to Los Angeles.  Madame Masque is hip to this and quickly traps Bishop in her trap.  Throw in some conflict between Bishop and her father and you have a witty, smart episode that is fun and a nice break from the Barton action.  Such a good series and this title sets up Bishop nicely to be on her own on the West Coast.

The Sixth Gun: Sons of the Gun #5 - Cullen Bunn wraps up this side series with the tale of how Widow Hume brought the four horsemen of her husband under her control set on the course of action that leads into the series.  What I initially thought sounded like a throwaway spin-off has really turned into a great read that provides valuable insight into characters initially thought to be one dimensional.  If you are a fan of the Sixth Gun then you need to read this series.